Good Cook Fresh Produce Keeper Set Review and Giveaway

Since I am a Good Cook Kitchen Expert I’ve had the privilege of being able to review this Fresh Keeper set.

These Vegetable Keepers are apart of the Good Cook ProFreshionals brand.  Store unused peppers, melons, tomatoes, bananas, and asparagus in these colorful produce keepers. Keep them crisp and fresh longer in these specialized, transparent lid containers prevents contents from spoiling or smelling. These shaped food storage containers are designed to represent the produce it stores and are easy to identify in the refrigerator.

These keepers are not your average storage system where you just snap and go. Instead, you have to twist the lids open. Some of the keepers have special directions for the way you put the items in the actual keepers (which is clearly given to you with your items.) The way these containers are made is what sets these keepers apart from your standard storage containers. Due to the twist and turn method of opening these keepers, I feel it makes them better for storing your ingredients in.

My particular favorite was the tomato keeper because it was a matter of twisting the lid and putting my tomato in the container for safe keeping. My tomato remained completely fresh for the week I had it in the container. It literally felt like I just got it when I pulled it out of the container to make my chili.

I was making my chili that is a pretty good hit in our home. I do cheat though and use Carroll Shelby’s Chili Kit  like my Mom did when I was growing up. On top of doing the directions on the box, I usually add a green pepper, red pepper, a tomato, and onion. I also don’t usually add the flour part. I did add the flour part this time for something different, but in the future we will refrain from doing that.

It may look terrible, but it is really good. (The flour made it to thick and wasn’t the taste we are use to having with my chili. However, normally it’s perfect. I also don’t add the cayenne peppers from the pack.)

You have the ability to win a chance to get a set of these fresh keepers for your kitchen now. I’m confident you’ll get loads of use out of these items especially for those who have gardens planted this year.

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If you don’t want to wait to see if you won this giveaway and want to order these now you get  25% off these produce Keepers as well as your entire order at with promo code: KEEPERS. If you buy any produce Keeper you can receive a free Banana Keeper free with purchase. (Online offer only)

Disclosure: Although, I did receive these items from Good Cook that in no way shaped my opinion of these products.



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    • My tomato STILL looks mighty appealing since I’ve had it in this container. I feel I’ll be able to buy tomatoes again on a regular bases now.

  1. Oh we would get lots of use out of the cantalope keeper! Actually all of them, but the cantalope one the most 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing your pick. I thought I would get the most use out of those myself, but they are still sitting on my table waiting on me to bring home a cantaloupe.

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