Going on a Trip? Don’t Forget These Top 4 Travel Essentials

Travel is exciting, but it can have pitfalls for those who don’t have the proper accessories to make it effortless. Here are four travel essentials that will help make your next trip easy and enjoyable.

1. Good-Quality Luggage

When you travel, your luggage is the workhorse that totes all the essentials to your destination and back. There’s nothing worse than having the zipper on your suitcase snap as you’re trying to get everything tidied back up after going through airport security.

Still convinced you need to go cheap? Remember, there are no savings involved if you have to keep replacing one low-quality bag with another, and it’s also inconvenient. Why not spring for luggage that will last? Samsonite, for instance, has an entire lineup of luggage that will go the distance with you.

2. Packing Cubes

For inexperienced travelers, packing cubes are a mystery. Why on earth would someone spend time categorizing their items into tiny zipper bags? Why can’t they just dig through a small pile of folded clothing the way everyone else does?

While it may seem to be a bit overkill to have tiny luggage inside your luggage, you’ll thank yourself once you arrive and open your suitcase to find everything neatly organized just where you left it. Most importantly: everything stays folded as you sort through it. Try a small packing cube set and you’ll never pack the same way again.

3. An Amazing Camera

Sure, everyone carries a cell phone with a camera these days. But how many times have you been unable to zoom in to capture something interesting? How often are you just about to get that perfect shot, only to be informed that your phone’s memory is full? For the best photos, you must have a dedicated digital camera.

There’s no need to lug around a camera that’s clunky and will get in your way, either. When it comes to the best camera for travel, Panasonic has the LUMIX TZ100. It’s sleek and stylish, easy to carry in your pocket or in the outer compartment of your purse or backpack. There’s no guesswork involved in taking stunning shots with this camera. Its LEICA 25-250mm zoom lens allows you to get right up close even when you’re far away from what you’re photographing. Capture photos in breathtaking detail, even in low light conditions, with the 1-inch 20-Megapixel MOS sensor. For moments on the move, use your LUMIX TZ100 to take 4K video. Want a still shot from an action-packed moment? Use 4K Photo to take a series of high-resolution images and choose your favorites to save.

If you’re going on the trip of a lifetime, capturing your adventures in brilliant detail is important. A dedicated digital camera will allow you to do that. When choosing a camera for travel, Panasonic just can’t be beat.

4. Noise Cancelling Headphones

It’s a common mistake for travelers to think, “I don’t need noise-cancelling headphones. I have a perfectly good set of regular headphones for listening to music.” They only begin to regret this mistake once they’re an hour into a long flight while seated next to someone who is snoring loudly or who has an unhappy baby.

While noise-cancelling headphones do provide a superior audio experience when you use them to listen to music or watch movies, the magic of these devices is the noise-cancelling effect of them. You can put them over your ears, put them in noise-cancelling mode without ever connecting them to a computer or music player and enjoy blessed, peaceful quiet. This is perfect for long flights where you’d like to get a bit of sleep, read or work without being distracted.
There you have it! Easy travel simply involves a bit of planning and investment in proper accessories. With proper luggage, organized packing, a fantastic camera and a way to get a bit of peace while in the air, your trip will be one to remember instead of one you’d like to forget.




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