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I am not a real estate agent, but it has been a career that I’ve considered going into since my uncle is one. I also have a dear friend who is a real estate agent. Both of them are making pretty good money as an agent. I do have a strong love of houses! I love selling things.

However, there is one thing I do fear about showcasing homes. That’s selling homes in neighborhoods that aren’t exactly safe by myself. Considering I have three kids relying on me, I don’t like taking unnecessary chances. I’m glad there are apps like Real Agent Guard.

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As you can see from their video is a handy set of apps to protect real estate agents. These apps allow a real estate agent to confidently focus on selling their homes rather than worrying about whether or not they are safe. Agent safety is something that can really hinder their selling abilities.

I created a video showcasing some of what I thought of this app. I also showed you some other things too.

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There are many added benefits from these apps. I can’t begin to list them all. So, I gave you this screen shot to look at too.

Other Uses That Come to Mind

As a mother to a preteen, I think these apps could be used for keeping track of him. He could leave the home up to 60 minutes at a time. That gives him time to make a bike run around our block and back. He could also take pictures of anyone who may make him feel uncomfortable on his route. Shoot, I could use it for those same exact reasons. Plus it would force him to check in every hour at max while he was away.

I could also keep track of his locations too. As a mother of a kid who doesn’t always properly reveal his locations, this is very valuable. Plus it decreases my worries about him getting kidnapped and me not being able to do anything about it to protect him. Again, if the app isn’t open those with you don’t even know it’s on. If you’ve ever been in a compromising position then you know how valuable that feature is. If the app is open there are panic buttons that are easily available to push.

I truly see many benefits to having these apps. It provides real estate agent safety. They could provide parents peace of minds with their kids. There are many other things that come to mind too, but those two are vital.

You can get these apps from iTunes by clicking these links:

Real Agent Guard Monitor

Real Agent Guard

You can find out even more information by visiting Real Agent Guard’s website too.

How would you use these apps?




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  1. Very timely Crystal. I remember the real estate agent that was attacked so this is a great safety feature. Makes me think that agents should show a house with partners though. This made me think of the online dating too and it could be used for that or is there a dating safety app for that?


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