Gifts for Him: Great Ideas For Something Special

Hands up if you’ve ever wanted to spoil the men in your life; your father, husband or son.

Now keep those hands up if, like millions of other daughters, wives and moms, you struggle to find the right gift for Christmas and birthdays each year – let alone something for an extra special occasion. That’s without the added pressures of practicing sensible spending and ensuring you don’t compromise on quality.

The thing is, it is really hard to find the perfect ‘something’ that not only means the world to someone, but also lasts a lifetime and isn’t the same old same as everyone else comes up with.

Even when we do (eventually) find the ideal gift, committing to it doesn’t always come naturally to those of us who make a habit of knowing the best deals at the grocery store or the gas station that gives you the most bang for your buck.

That’s exactly why I’ve put together a little list of the kinds of gifts our men and boys will cherish, with plenty of inspiration for suitably sentimental gifts that work with every budget and taste.

If He Likes That Personal Touch

If the man in your life asks only that his gifts have a personal touch, the world is your oyster. These days, it is so easy to get bits of all shapes and sizes monogrammed or customized in some way, you are sure to have it easy when it comes to turning a run-of-the-mill trinket into a real treasure.

Is your father an avid reader? Then enlist the help of a good upholsterer (or put your own DIY skills to the test), and recover his chair in the den with a fabric that he will like or that somehow marks the occasion.

Maybe your husband likes to take the kids camping, and you’d like to give him something special that belongs to him alone, serving as a reminder of both his milestone and his family; a great idea would be to engrave a penknife with a meaningful message or a simple monogram – practical, personal and perfect!

If You’re After Something As Unique As Him

When marking a special occasion or congratulating him on a job well done, you will want to gift your guy something that’s as individual as he is. After all, if he is one of a kind, he deserves something equally unique and special.

If your man of the hour is adventurous or outdoorsy, why not treat him to a new experience like white water rafting, horseback riding or something unusual and fun that you know he’ll enjoy? Just be sure to take lots of pictures so you can frame your favourite moments to keep as reminders.

Another option is to add a new twist to an old classic. Cufflinks are such a great gift, suitable for so many occasions; Fathers’ Day, your son’s graduation or wedding day,a big anniversary or birthday…you name it, they work.

As with all menswear, there are luxury jewelry brands out there to suit all tastes and budgets, so you’ll be able to find unique cufflinks that tick all the boxes for both quirkiness and quality. Check out Tateossian for some really cool designs – you’re bound to find something to suit even the most unique personality!

If You Want A Gift That Keeps On Giving

Another really fun way to mark a milestone is with a sort of perpetual present. This idea works in the same way as a traditional charm bracelet, where the initial gift is a charm or the bracelet itself, and a new charm is added with each special occasion; the gift keeps on giving while its sentimental value grows over time.

Of course, your gift of choice doesn’t have to be a charm bracelet – it’s the concept that is cool and can work really well in all kinds of ways. You could gift books to help build a personal library or unusual lapel pins to start a unique collection.

Why not start a vinyl collection for your husband or son? The first record can mark a specific occasion – for example, your first dance on your wedding anniversary, or the song your college graduate’s high school band used to cover in the talent show. Every big moment and milestone thereafter can make for a new, meaningful addition.

My Advice To You

Sharing special moments and marking major milestones with the men in your life is a privilege. So make sure you invest your time and effort; put plenty of thought into the perfect gift, and don’t be afraid to splurge for an extra special something that will act as a lasting reminder – our guys are worth it!

In the end, whether you spend $25 dollars on a vintage vinyl album or $250 on a pair of luxury cufflinks, these gifts are priceless.



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