Fundraising Suggestions

Sometimes in life we have to spend some money on equipment verses paying someone else to do a job for us. I have learned this value lesson throughout my life while watching others prepare for big events. If you have ever tried to round up the funds for a fundraiser then you know first hand, that you want to use your money you get wisely! Especially, in today’s economical status.

An example of how to put this into use would be  if we were to host an fundraiser event that would last all weekend long, we could invest in a behringer x32 for our DJ’ing needs. It would be cheaper in the long run to have that piece of equipment to use for the current event and for years to come.

Another tip I would add to that would be to ensure that your top sponsors receive adequate recognition for their donations. If your able to do it, provide advertisement for them in all of your avenues. In today’s social media driven world, that can be as simple as a few thank yous across those networks.

Also, find ways for the little guys to help out and feel just as much a part of the success as the big donor is. That could be by mentioning them on the fliers for your events and on the website you have created for the event. If you have to many to mention, give them a small token from the event, such as a picture of who you were sponsoring the event for with a thank you note.

Appreciation from people who host fundraisers tends to go a long ways to future success with other fundraisers that you may host in the years to come.

What other ideas do you recommend? 




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