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I honestly thought this movie was cute and great for a laugh. HOWEVER, I don’t say I agree with the principle behind the movie. There was a time that I did because God knows I had plenty of “friends with benefits” in my lifetime. However, all that did was lead to me getting hurt more in the long run. As my mom always tried to tell me, “if you give him the milk free why does he need the cow?” Sex has lost its importance!! Sex is created by God for those who are married to each other to enjoy!!!

Sex within a marriage is a truly wonderful thing!! It helps keep the bond between you and your spouse even when everything else is going wrong. It is a magical experience with a person who loves you completely!!

Sex with a stranger or just for physical release, yea, it can be good at that given moment. However, trust me when I say there’s no lingering feeling of happiness over it. You may tell others that it’s there, but deep down if your truly honest with yourself..all you’ve gained is a physical release, but the emotional trumoil can be harsh. For most men, that’s not truly the case, but for a woman, who are born emotional, it is.

Sex before marriage has become so common place that very few people actually get married anymore. Marriage has lost its solid footing as well. My history makes people wonder how and why I feel I have the right to say this. However, it is because of my history and the mistakes I’ve made that makes me feel utterly confident to say that it is better for a person to wait until marriage to be sexually active. There is nothing but drama and heartache to be had if you have been sexually involved with more than one person in your life (other than a spouse.) Marriage is hard work, and at times, honestly, sex is the glue that binds a couple and helps them “make up” and reach a common ground.

So, although this movie was funny to watch and honestly was well played out. It doesn’t give you the WHOLE picture. It does show you how sex will make people get emotionally involved with each other whether they want to or not. Just food for thought!!



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  1. I haven’t gotten around to watching the movie yet, but I completely agree with you there. Granted, I had sex before marriage but I made sure my husband was the only person I would ever have sex with. He’s had multiple partners, and sometimes it causes drama in our lives to where I wish I was the only person he’s ever had, but of course that can’t be changed. Great review!


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