Five Coolest Must-Visit Tourist Attractions in the US

The United States of America is not only the land of opportunities but also blossoming with amazing wonders. It is why search to the west was the exploratory motive of Europeans in the fifteenth century.

From demographic diversity to spectacular scenery, the USA is perhaps the most sought-after destination for travelers. Each state of the country is home to natural beauty and modern world sensations.

Thus the country is a wholesome package for splendid travel, including rivers, mountains, wilderness, entertainment, even financial hubs. 

Since the country is expanded over a vast geographical area and divided into several counties, it is essential to plan your trip keeping in view your financial constraints. Let’s explore some of the most impressive and most incredible tourist attractions in the following sections.

1 – Smoky Mountains Park

The great smoky mountains lie at the borderline junction of two American states, Tennessee and North Carolina. The mountainous park is flourishing with biodiverse and scenic views, such as wild animals and blooming greenery.

 It also holds historical remnants of the Appalachian culture, homes, churches, and ancient mountains. 

Since it is the most visited park within the country, tourists can avail several tourism facilitating services. Tourists can choose from different camping options, such as backcountry, front country, horse camps, and group camping.

Travelers can also explore the wilderness, wildlife, waterfalls, and natural scenery via different hiking locations, such as Alum Cave Bluffs, Charlies Bunion, Chimney Tops, Rainbow Falls, etc. What’s more, if you’re accompanying children, these hiking locations also have children-friendly services too. 

In addition, there are several tourism-friendly resorts to make your tour even more memorable. When you visit the Great Smokies, make it a point to check out Cabin Rentals Gatlinburg TN to make your trip worthwhile with spacious, comfortable huts and cabins.

These cabins not only cater to basic amenities but also offer a picturesque and mountainous view. At this time of the year, you can even experience an exquisite landscape covered with colorful and vibrant autumn foliage.

2 – New York and its attractions

Like every state of the USA, New York city is flourishing with travel, entrainment, and cultural, historical, and economic attractions. For instance, the state holds historical significance with its famous Statue of Liberty monument.

The Broadway Avenue and Theater District are the heart of the American entertainment industry, including drama, theatre, dance, and several other art forms. 

Similarly, you can experience several collections of historical and equally dynamic arts in the Metropolitan Art Museum. The collections include European paintings and sculptures, musical instruments, and old photographs from around the world.

The museum is also home to Islamic, Roman, Greek, Oceanic, Medieval, contemporary arts. In addition, New York state’s capital is also one of the global commercial hubs. Its Times Square and Wall Street are home to the corporate and financial headquarters of several businesses.

Furthermore, with its distinctive and unique structure, the Empire State Building is also one of the most beautiful landmarks for art, architecture, and history enthusiasts.

Notably, the building also held the title of the tallest skyscraper in the world. Nonetheless, New York is full of diverse, vibrant, and inspiring tourist attractions that are worth your consideration and time.

3 – Walt Disney Wonderland

Walt Disney wonderland is perhaps the most widely known tourist spot around the world. The entertainment hub is located in Orlando, Florida state in the USA. The theme park is full of magical and alluring attractions, such as Hollywood Studios, the Animal Kingdom, the Water Park, and much more. 

Thus, you can explore and cherish countless unforgettable moments of fun, magic, and amazement in these parks. And how about getting firsthand exposure of your favorite Disney characters parading down the main street?

If their parade doesn’t remind you of your childhood aspirations, you can also dine and chit-chat with them. Isn’t this phenomenal? 

The wonderland relaxes its visitors with fairy-tailed hotel rooms, open sky fort resorts, campgrounds, and campfires during the night. Most importantly, its services packages are designed in a way to accommodate varying budget constraints.

Hence, you have the flexibility to make choices from selecting transportation and exploratory sites to food and resting places. 

And did you know the wonderland is celebrating its 50th birthday starting this October 2021? Why not cash this opportunity by planning a nourishing and revitalizing trip to the land of awes and aspirations?

4 – Grand Canyon Park

The Grand Canyon national park resides in the Arizona state of the USA. The park is not only popular within the country but holds remarkable significance worldwide as an impressive landscape.

It is a unique combination of arid land, mountains, water bodies, and wildlife. That is why the park is preserved under the world heritage site designation. 

The mighty Colorado River is not only the etching source of wilder beauty of the vast western plateau but sustainer and sanctuary of biodiversity in the park. It also preserves historical linkages of American Indian heritage and culture. The park’s red Rocky Mountains hold secrets to thousands of years of biological and geographical history. Similarly, the park contains a sacred status for the Hopi tribe, who believe it is the gateway to life after death. 

If you are planning to experience magnificent beauty, Grand Canyon Park is the most suitable location. Its hiking routes, skywalk glass bridge, and scenic rims and cliffs are some of the most beautiful highlights of the National Park.

5 – The Hawaiian Islands and the Waikiki beach

The Hawaiian Islands reside far off the mainland USA in the southwest. The Hawaiian Islands are the remarkable blend of a tropical paradise and modern world luxury. The islands contain several tourist locations and resorts.

For instance, Dragon’s Teeth offers an outstanding exhibition of volcanic and oceanic collisions and the creation of a natural monument at Kapalua. 

The islands are also enriched with natural beauty and parks, including Hanauma Bay reserve, Haleakala national park, Waimea Canyon park, and Na Pali wilderness park. The Hawaii state also includes world heritage sites for visitors to explore. 

In addition, Waikiki beach and its high-rise hotels are equally beautiful and mesmerizing tourist spots. The beach is stretched across the southeast of Oahu island in Honolulu city. It is a fully furnished travel resort with several tourist facilities, such as restaurants, surfing, entertainment, aquariums, and shopping centers.


Undeniably, the USA offers several avenues and attractions to satiate your curiosity and travel aspirations. The land is home to various marvelous and incredible travel destinations, both natural and manually designed.

The more you explore, the more its wonders amaze and captivate your senses. Thus a trip to such a wholesome and diversely enriched location will not only be memorable but healing and inspiring.




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