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I have never and I mean NEVER felt like I needed to vote in my life. I honestly felt that the majority was already pushing for the President that I felt was the one that needed to be in office. However, this year there seems to be a lot more of an even ground status. It seems as though this election can very easily go one way or the other. I’m not even 100% sure who I’d vote for come tomorrow even if I were to step into a voting booth for the first time in my life.

Voting to me has always been something that I felt should be taken with as much loyalty and commitment as a marriage should be. I know that may sound odd to you considering the fact that my one little vote isn’t going to make or break who gets elected. However, I have always been a firm believer in standing up for what I believe in and supporting that belief with everything I have in me. So..for me that means, that whoever I vote for..I’m going to stalk that person’s actions with a vengeance and make sure that I did in fact make a good choice.

It also means that come the next election,….you guessed it, I’m going to be campaigning for that person with everything I have in me. I shout to the roof tops for things that I like and believe in. I have always been vocal like that. Plus I do believe in the power of “one person.”

So, I may be creating another avenue in which I’m going to get my nosey self wrapped up in, but in the same token, I feel it within every part of me that voting this year is vital for all involved. Anyone who can vote, needs to get on bended knee and truly pray about who they should vote for and go VOTE. It is really up to us who becomes the next president.

Make no mistake…that ONE PRESIDENT CAN MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE in our lifestyles and life as we know it.
Are you going to help America be what we know it can be??



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