Finding Your Niche as a Teacher

You’ve already realized your knack for teaching and guiding others toward success. However, you’re stumped on where you should focus your expertise. Figuring out what type of teacher you want to be is similar to a doctor thinking about their specialty. There are plenty of options available in this profession, but only one can truly resonate with you. Do not assume that you will love the first niche you explore, you might, but you also might not. Don’t pigeonhole yourself from the jump, careers are marathons not sprints, and you need to ensure you will be happy and mentally stimulated. Here’s how you can determine what type of teacher you want to be.

Determine Where You Excel At

With so many teaching niches available, it’s easy to feel a little intimidated. But the search doesn’t have to be a jarring experience. In fact, it’s a lot simpler than you think. Reflect on what your passions are and where you excel as a teacher. Do you feel more at home teaching at a university? Or are you more comfortable teaching young children in elementary school? Your passions and interests are what ultimately determines what niche is right for you.

If you opt for the former, then there’s a chance you might need to go back to school. University isn’t like teaching children and teens. The subjects, like physics and chemistry, are advanced even for teachers, so you need to be at the top of your game. Going back to college may not be the most ideal approach due to the cost, but it’s one that’ll give your career the boost it needs. You can easily finance your college education by taking out a student loan. High tuition rates are the reason why college can be so expensive, but private lenders can help by lowering your interest rates.

Study the Competition

As with any career, there’s going to be some competition involved. There’s always going to be something that makes other candidates stand out from the rest. Some teaching niches are a bit crowded, so this is why it’s important to do everything you can to enhance your career prospects and to stand out above the competition. Employers, especially those at universities, want teachers who are passionate and provide value.

Make the Necessary Adjustments

Something that can happen is you not finding the niche you deem perfect. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with you trying out various things. A great way to see which teaching profession is right for you to apply for substitute positions. Through becoming a substitute teacher, you’ll be introduced to all sorts of different schools, students, and its faculty. You get a feel for how a typical day of a teacher goes. You’ll also be better equipped to deal with different scenarios once you start teaching on your own. You can gauge what you like about it, what you don’t like and whether or not it’s worth pursuing further. What’s more is that substituting is its own unique profession, so you may find yourself enjoying it. It lets you work at your own pace and the pay is relatively rewarding and you’re giving your expertise to schools in need.




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