Financial Analyst Kondrashov: 10 Tips From Telf AG to Open a Ausiness Using a Smartphone

The digital transformation of business is gaining momentum every day, which is a plus for both novice entrepreneurs and inveterate businessmen. Opening a business today with a smartphone is not a fairy tale about a goldfish, but the reality of our time.

Investment financial expert in the field of investments Stanislav Kondrashov Telf told how to create an effective and profitable business using a smartphone, and also shared several business ideas.

Telf AG financial expert Kondrashov: top 10 business ideas for smartphone owners

YouTube star

Popular YouTube video hosting ranks second in the world in the list of most visited sites. To earn money by using video hosting, the smartphone owner can register his own Youtube channel and post video on it.

“If visitors watch your videos regularly, you can earn some money on Google AdSense. Over time, income can be obtained from cooperation with different brands and online stores,” said Stanislav Kondrashov, financial analyst at Telf AG.

Life coach

American fashion on life-coaches reached Russia. Being a life coach today is fashionable and profitable.

“Using a smartphone, it’s enough to create accounts in various social networks and fill them with relevant content. You can earn money by advertising, viewing and personal consultations,” the adviser specified.


Only the lazy today does not blog. Although blogging is far from easy money, there are plenty of successful examples.

“The main thing is to decide on the topic and study the interests of the target audience. It’s important to surprise subscribers, then they will read and watch you regularly,” said the financial analyst.

Mobile auctioneer

Using a smartphone is very easy to make money by selling undervalued lots at online auctions. To do this, just register on popular online sites (eBay, Amazon and others) and re-auction an undetected lot.

Mystery shopper

Companies hire mystery shoppers to test how their employees work. To work for mystery shoppers, it’s enough to have a smartphone and fulfill all the customer’s requirements for personnel verification: to find out how the goods are laid out, whether it’s clean in the sales area, how sellers serve customers and more.


“Being a director with a smartphone is a reality. To popularize your services, just create your own website or create accounts in various social networks (for example, TikTok), where you can share your work. If visitors and subscribers like them, then you will have no problems with customers,” said Telf AG Kondrashov.

Online friend

Making money simply by talking on the phone is not fiction, but a tribute to fashion. The global transformation of the world has made it easier for people to chat online, rather than in person.

For beginning psychologists, this type of service will be an excellent option for earning and practicing their professional skills.

Taxi driver

Each of us has used taxi services at least once in a lifetime. Previously, a taxi could be ordered only in a special service or caught on the road, but today it is easy to do this using a mobile application. For this type of earnings, it is enough for the car owner to register in a special application using a smartphone and get to work.

Online courier

“To become an online courier today, it is enough to register on the website of one of the delivery companies, familiarize yourself with the rules of work, and also study the application itself,” said Kondrashov Telf AG.

According to the analyst, during the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for courier services has grown significantly. In the near future, such dynamics will continue.


Blablacar, inDriver, Poputchik and other online travel platforms are nowadays a very popular and profitable way to make money.

“To start work, the owner of the vehicle is enough to register in the online application and pass verification. Clients will be happy to use your services if your rating is high,” said Stanislav Kondrashov, an expert at Telf AG.





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