Feeling of "Family and Home"

It has been said that when you find a good church it will feel like you are surrounded by family and friends and people who honestly care about you. I don’t go to church for the people or the preacher. I am there to worship God with fellow believers. HOWEVER, having a church that acknowledges me and my kids, and knows me by name is very important to me. I guess that may have to do with the fact that I’ve been a part of this church since I was nine years old. So, I could be biased in my opinion as well.

I decided to take my kids back to my small town church that I was raised up in today, and I was so utterly glad that I did!! The boys made me extremely proud! Zeva was a little angel, and was right on schedule for needing her normal things. The boys had gotten use to being involved in a church that gives them a lot more time to “play”, but they still enjoyed this church as well. They are looking forward to going back. 😉

Then we went to the Easter egg hunt. It wasn’t what I expected, but the kids got to play with other kids and that was important to me more than anything else. The kids enjoyed it just the same. They were disappointed about the amount of candy they got, but they were grateful to be a part of it.

Delbert is so tired from a hectic weekend filled with playing soccer all day Saturday and then spending the night at Me ma’s (which means a late night filled with playing) and then a long day of church and Easter egg hunts. Plus we got to squeeze in a visit with a good friend of mine!!! So, Delbert decided he wanted to go to bed at 7pm. Poor thing!!

Jimmy is even calm and quiet, but he’s eager to be able to enjoy time with Daddy watching wrestling. Especially since he has school off tomorrow. 🙂

It felt good to be back in my church “home.” I look forward to going back.

Do you have a church “home”? Does the church make a difference in how you enjoy worshiping?




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