Excited About Wii U’s Launch!!

I do declare I need to be an advertiser for the new Wii U because I am madly looking forward to it coming out. I am hoping like all get out that we get to buy this for our family for Christmas. Mind you, it will be the ONLY gift the kids and I will receive, but I do feel we will enjoy it for years to come. (We have enjoyed our last Wii a lot.)

I’m looking forward to the Super Mario Bros. Mii game, Zelda HD, the new Wii U fit games, and of course, the new Lego game (we own all the Lego games that have come out for Xbox 360.) Jimmy can’t wait to get the Transformer Prime game, and he hopes to order it for his birthday present.
My husband is looking forward to many of the games that are coming out as well, but he’s our video game King because he can play any game and beat it.

We don’t just play video games, and not enjoy the great outdoors. However, we do play video games to unwind, when it’s to hot or to cold to play outside, or when we’re dealing with sickness in the house. Plus there are times that we have reached a good point in the game and we’re itching to get back to it to finish out a level. Video games receive a bad rep so much, but in reality they do teach a lot of different things. They do provide hours of entertainment. The games I choose to play are the ones that I can pick up and find a new twist to the game every time I play it. (Of course, we don’t play video games every day of the week and there can be a whole week that passes without the video games being touched and that could be why we are always finding new ways to play them.)

Are you looking forward to the new Wii U? What game are you most excited about?? Or are you excited about the new Nintendo TVii feature??

This video is an hour long, but it gives you the full details about the Wii U. 🙂



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  1. Oh boy, my kids are going to be psyched when they hear about this!! Thanks for linking up to the CHQ Blog Hop! See you again next week!

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