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If you are an avid reader of our blog, then you will know that we homeschool our three children. We have learnt many different techniques along the way. They have proven essential to moulding our children and making sure they understand the concepts of life. One of the ways we feel children can learn is through experiences and exploration. So I thought a very good idea would be to share with you all some of the best educational activities the whole family can get involved in. I hope they inspire you to try a few different things.

Going to a local museum

Whether it’s history, art or something more specific, heading to a museum can be quite the education for younger folk. However, it is something the whole family can get involved in. Learning about new things together is a great opportunity. Using points of interest around you as educational tools is an excellent way to help children grasp new things from a visual concept.

Exploring in the woods

It’s important for children to spend time outside. So a great way to discuss some of the subjects you may be covering inside is through exploration. One of the ways to do that is in a woodland area. It’s the perfect place to discuss the seasons as things change drastically. Also the woodland areas house lot’s of insects and crawlies, which are again excellent talking points. Along with some of the other regular animals you may see. You could also consider collecting things like leaves and sticks. It could work towards creating an amazing arts and crafts project.

A theater visit

Drama and performing arts are just as important to education as reading and writing. Encouraging creativity and individuality is vital. So heading to the theatre can be a great educational visit. You could always keep things light hearted by booking Aladdin tickets or something similar. Keeping children engaged while offering excellent talking points about drama and acting.

Having fun in the swimming pool

Having a good time in the pool is a great recreational activity the whole family can get involved in. It enables you the chance to discuss the importance of regular exercise to maintain a healthy body. Leading on to great subject topics like how the body works. Swimming is also a lot of fun, so although you are taking the opportunity to gain something educational from it, the children will be enjoying the quality time spent with you.

Go on a fishing trip

Finally, we are well aware that outdoor activities are essential to the development of children. Which is why fishing is such a great family activity that the children will also find educational. It teaches a few different values in regards to patience, respect and also the way of life. Fishing for food or fun can be exciting and the sense of achievement, when their patience has paid off, is priceless.

I hope this has inspired you to consider other activities that are not only a lot of fun but educational as well.

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