Do You Keep Track of Your Heart Rate?

Garmin 910XT

At first I wondered what the hang I was going to say concerning this product because I never worried about keeping track of my heart rate. Then I noticed this wonderful gadget. Then the whole thought process completely changed.

First thought process was that I was picking some gadget that was going to be attached to my fingers in some way tracking my heart rate…maybe that has something to do with the amount of times I was stuck in a hospital while pregnant with a paper clip like gadget stuck around my finger gauging my heartbeat. Yea, that definitely has to be it.

Anyways, there are some new heart rate monitors that you can wear without it looking like your trying to keep track of your heart rate. Now for someone completely utterly out of shape and trying to get back into the groove of being physically active on a more regular daily schedule (not just riding a bike a couple hours one or two days a week), this is a handy gadget because I can make sure my heart truly isn’t going to die on me when I’m hitting those panic moments of not being able to breathe. Those of you who struggle with this issue will be more than able to relate to that comment. Winking smile 


Now for the heart thumping details about this gadget….It is a Garmin 910XT. This styling wrist wearing heart rate monitor actually tracks so many different things. It tracks elevation, barometer, and altimeter. It has a battery life of 20 hours. It even is ideal for open water and pool swimming (that caught my attention since I love to swim.) It even gives you walk and run alerts. It also keeps track of your workout courses.

Now…for the grand kicker for someone like me..It offers a virtual partner training capabilities. Yes, I couldn’t resist making that bold statement because that sold it for me!

So, if you have someone training for a triathlon on your Christmas list, I would suggest this handy dandy gadget for them.


Note: I’ve been having a hard time coming up with unique Christmas gift ideas that everyone else isn’t already shoving down your throat. So, as I come up with them I have been making posts to make up for my lack of keeping up with what I started. Winking smile



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