DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas

As the festive season is fully upon us, it’s time to add some finishing decorative touches to your home. It’s important to make your home look just as good on the outside, as it does on the inside with creative decor that will last long after Christmas. Door specialists, Oakwood Doors, have put together an exclusive list of eye catching DIY Christmas Wreaths for you to create – and adorn your door with – this holiday season:

Citrus Fruit Wreath

For a beautiful and unique Christmas decoration, why not try making a dried citrus fruit wreath? First, you need to dry out your oranges and lemons – this takes some time but will make your house smell lovely! Preheat your oven to around 110 C and then slice the fruit into ¼ inch slices. Place the fruit inside the oven, on a rack above a baking tray. You will need to leave around 3-4 hours for the slices to dry out or leave them overnight for any whole slashed clementines. You can choose any shape for your wreath by molding it into your chosen shape, with craft wire. Alternatively, you can use a pre made wooden wreath underneath and attach your fruit with twine.

Pine cone Wreath

Cheap, cheerful and basically free, a pine cone wreath looks traditional and elegant. You’ll need a wire coat hanger, some white pony beads and super glue or a hot glue gun. Firstly, bend your wire coat hanger into the appropriate shape. Secondly, use the glue to attach the pony beads to the base of each pine cone. Once the glue is dry, you will be able to slide each pine cone onto the wire. Try to make the cones touch each other so there are no gaps in between each one, this may take a bit of adjusting. To make the wreath more festive, lightly cover the wreath with white spray paint to give the wreath a snow-kissed effect.

Cork Wreath

A cork wreath is an unusual alternative to the traditional Christmas wreath and definitely won’t go unnoticed. To create your cork wreath, you’ll need to have started collecting corks! You will also need a wreath base which can be purchased from most craft stores. To begin, apply hot glue down the side of each cork before firmly fixing them to the base. Start from the center of the wreath and go on, until you cover the whole base. You may need to cut smaller cork pieces to complete each row, without leaving any spaces. To finish, add a random layer of glued wine corks. You can then embellish the wreath with a Christmas bow to add the finishing touch.

Rustic Wreath

Stick to a minimalist and rustic look this Christmas by gathering a selection of branches and tieing them with brown twine. This is super easy and often very affordable. Eucalyptus is particularly popular currently, and looks great gathered in a rough bunch tied with string. This can be attached with a small hook and string to your front door, or alternatively, bunches of pretty branches also look great hung up on interior walls.

Crazy and Colorful

Keep it colorful this Christmas with a crazy tinsel and bauble wreath. You can use leftover baubles from the Christmas tree to decorate this option! You will need to purchase a wreath base in order to firmly fix the baubles. Use a hot glue gun to line the edges of the wreath with tinsel of your choice. Enhance the wreath further by adding a selection of different sized and color baubles. Cover the base of the bauble with hot glue and place the baubles on top of the wreath base to finish.




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