Divorce Need Not Be Stressful: Hiring a Professional is Always Your Best Option

Someone once invented the idea of a “friendly” divorce. And, some divorces are more amicable than others. But, divorce rarely finalizes without emotional and psychological stress on the parties involved and their families and children, too.

A divorce is no do-it-yourself project, and it can be costly in more ways than you might think. Of course, you want to protect your personal interests, those of your children, and even your spouse as required by law. But, divorce can be a minefield. Friendly or unfriendly, your divorce means that hiring a divorce professional is always your best option.

Divorce need not be stressful

  • Keep in touch. Communication is often its own best remedy. Keeping in touch with friends, family, and support groups offers emotional and moral support. It’s real, effective, and generous. And, if these friendly ears don’t do the trick, you can work with a divorce consultant, psychologist, or social therapist.
  • Stay healthy. Use the situation to refocus on your health. Huffington Post refers to a “divorce diet” where you lose weight with conscious effort or gain pounds with worthless calories. Nonetheless, divorce and the months it takes affords an opportunity to rebuild your physical self and strengthen your emotional self.
  • Manage stress. Psychology Today says, “In divorce, what people don’t know can cause much greater fear and stress than what they do know.” And, navigating the personal and legal complexities of the divorce process puts you through much you do not know.
  • Let it go. Divorce presents many things beyond your control. If you stick with things you can manage, you know where the accountability lies. With professional representation, you can leave the meetings, discussions, and negotiations to them.
  • Don’t over grieve. Divorce involves a grieving process. But, surrendering to the grief drains you emotionally, psychologically, and physically. You would do better to talk with your clergy, read a book, take a walk, get away for a weekend, and hang out with positive friends.
  • Work on goals. Instead of smothering under what went wrong or how you failed, you can use the time to focus on new goals. Plans and goals are great for your self-esteem and necessary to your future. Planning gives you mastery at a time when the system is winning.

Hiring a professional is always your best option

Divorce puts your problems on paper and before a court. If you are proceeding with a divorce in Maryland, you have some options. But, you will find how little control you have over the situation or its outcome.

You can reduce the stress attached to the divorce, its proceedings and outcomes, with the support of a divorce lawyer deeply experienced with Maryland law. The support can clarify, navigate, and expedite the divorce process.

An experienced divorce attorney can do more by establishing a relationship, drawing the larger picture, and talking you through the tough times. They won’t pull punches in protecting your interests. And, they will coach you on the process and remind you to breathe when you have forgotten.




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