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I have never really paid this site any attention. Until someone made a comment about canceling social media network accounts today. Then I got to thinking about all of the different social media sites I’m attached to. has been given pretty good comments from those who have used it. However, it does cost to have it.It does allow you to connect with whoever may be searching for you. It also allows a person to connect with them as well directly. It’s very similar to Facebook, but it allows you to connect many social media networks together into one screen. All of those social media connections will be managed in one account. In some ways, it sounds like it would be worth having. I honestly don’t know myself because like I stated, I haven’t used it very much at all. I’ve dabbed into the site.

However, I have heard that it is complicated to cancel your membership with them. When in reality many people assume that when you hit unsubscribe that it will cancel your membership. However, what one actually has to call customer service to cancel the membership and also if you used PayPal to make the payments you have to call them as well. In order to process your cancellation you need to go to MyLife Refund to obtain the information you need to cancel your memberships.

I’m in the process of downsizing my memberships with groups that really aren’t worth my time. I thought this would be beneficial information for others. 2013 is all about change.




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