Deep-Cleaning: 5 Tips Every Homeowner Should Know for their Spring Clean

The winter is almost over, and you are eagerly waiting to start celebrating the warmer days. Outside, you can see the flowers blooming, trees budding and the birds chirping while celebrating the end of the cold season. However, you cannot help but feel like your house is still stuck with winter blues.

Well, there is a way around this problem – spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning is a tradition you should continue practicing, especially if you are an allergy sufferer. Apart from getting a head start on the upcoming spring and summer seasons, which can be hectic, spring cleaning allows you to freshen up your house and eliminate dust, mold, bed bugs, and mildew accumulated in your house during the cold seasons. Spring cleaning also results in an organized and decluttered home.

This article focuses on the tips that all homeowners should know when doing a spring deep-clean.

Plan Ahead

Due to the busy schedules that many people have, finding and dedicating a day or some few hours to spring clean their homes can be a huge challenge. As such, it is essential to plan ahead. Planning ahead involves making a schedule of where to start and when to clean the different parts and rooms of the house.

Also, when planning ahead, you can delegate certain home cleaning tasks to your family members to take the heavy workload off you. By doing so, you can tackle cleaning a room or two per day until you are done. Dividing the overall task into smaller tasks allows you to clean your home even when you have a tight schedule.

Designate and De-Clutter

Did you know that a disorganized home increases stress levels? This is according to a certain home disorganization stress survey. To have an easy time with the spring cleaning, it is best you start by getting rid of the clutter in your house. You can achieve this by organizing the cluttered things in labelled boxes or containers.

If you have some items that are no longer in use, you can donate them.

Work with the Gravity

Take advantage of gravity and start by cleaning the top all the way down. Start by removing any debris that might be on the ceiling. A vacuum cleaner would be of help in removing dust and cobwebs. Work your way down to wall hangings, wall trim, light fixtures, and countertops. Remember to dust the furniture before you vacuum the floor.

Show Some Love to the Windows Too

Windows are pretty much forgotten when it comes to deep cleaning. Window surfaces also trap some dust that can eventually find its way into the house. Using a microfiber cloth, wipe the windows and blinds and wash the curtains if you have them. Remember to wipe the exterior of the windows too.

Think Green

When spring cleaning, avoid chemical reagents and cleaners. Instead, use green cleaning techniques and equipment to avoid exposure to chemicals and toxins. A good green product you can use for spring cleaning is a steam cleaner. You can use a steam cleaner to clean your windows, microwave, tiles, other types of hard floors and almost anything else.

You can also use a combination of water, white distilled vinegar and baking soda for the cleaning.



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