Creative Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Fundraising for a school is a great way to ensure that kids won’t only get the education that they need, but that they’ll also have ample opportunities to use their creativity and enjoy a variety of fun activities that are both educational and entertaining. There are plenty of great reasons to fundraise for schools, but many teachers, administrators, and parents might be at a loss for how to go about raising money in the best ways possible. Check out the creative fundraising ideas below to start generating some school fundraising ideas of your own.

A Basket Raffle

For a basket raffle, start by allowing every class in the school to choose a theme that they can use to put together a basket of their own. Themes could include everything from chocolate and candy to summer fun, sports, holiday fun, and more. Then students would, with the help of their parents, purchase items that can be added to the basket. By the time every child contributes to the basket, it will definitely be worth quite a bit and have a lot to offer, so the basket can then be raffled off. Anyone interested can purchase raffle tickets, and then one ticket will be selected to choose the winner for every basket. The more tickets that are sold, the more profits the school will make.

Post a Fundraiser Online

There are many websites today that allows you to post a special cause and raise money online. You can, therefore, quickly and easily post about your school’s fundraiser and allow people to give money virtually from wherever they are located. You can set up rewards for donations of various levels in order to incentivize higher donation amounts. And using the built-in sharing tools that these types of sites provide will allow every student to easily share the fundraiser on their social media pages and via email with all of their family and friends.

Sell Flowers, Candles, Christmas Cards Etc.

Think about a product that would be hugely popular amongst the family and friends of students who attend your school. You can then order items from local retailers at a discount (you can even ask them to donate the items in exchange for free advertising of their brand via the fundraiser). Once you have your inventory, whether it is candles, flowers, cards, or any other product that you think people would be interested in purchasing, you can have students sell them. Make the sale a competition with prizes for the kids so that the students will be motivated to make as much money as possible.

Car Wash

A car wash is a classic way to hold a fundraiser for a school because everyone wants and needs to get their car washed regularly, but if they know that the money will be going to a good cause, they’ll skip the traditional car wash and have the students do the job instead. You may be surprised by how much cash can be raised in a single day if you properly promote this event.

With the creative fundraising ideas above, you can raise a lot of money for your school that can be used for everything from student trips, to supplies for teachers.

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