Come Join Me On Sundays #MotherhoodChat

I’m excited to share some wonderful news… #MotherhoodChat is back!


What is #MotherhoodChat? Well, besides being Mother’s day every Sunday…

Motherhood Chat will be a weekly Twitter chat for mothers about all things motherhood. #MotherhoodChat will help to provide mothers with a judgment-free space to talk, vent, work things out and share tips. In the past #MotherhoodChat has provided such exuberant energy- it’s absolutely lovely to see Mamas bond miles away.
Sometimes, mothers can be the harshest on other mothers, and that is NOT what MotherhoodChat is about. We want to provide a welcoming environment for all mothers and mothers-to-be, consider #MotherhoodChat a chat amongst friends. 🙂
When is #MotherhoodChat?
Every Sunday night 9:00 – 10:00 PM EST on Twitter using the hasthtag #MotherhoodChat

Who are your hosts:

Me MChat

Twitter: @Mrs_AOK Blog: Mrs. AOK, A Work in Progress


Twitter: @TidbitsofExperi Blog: Tidbits of Experience

KristinTwitter: @Krisnaturally


Twitter: @BlissandFaith Blog: Bliss and Faith

@MrsTeeh Blog: MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter

Who hope to see you every Sunday!

This Sunday we will discuss building a village.




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