Business Gains Complete Loyalty

I mentioned in one of my prior posts that Blockbuster had really disappointed me lately. However, since that post was made, they have changed management and staff. Things have drastically improved (it took time, which was to be expected.) They are now opening on time and they have been getting their new movies on time for the past two weeks now. The manager knows we are very loyal to them and are usually there every Tuesday like clockwork at 10am when they open their doors.

Well, in our household Tuesdays are movie days around here. We love to watch the new movies and then I pick some of the best ones and do blog reviews on them. Today they had a lot of small titles that I truly wanted to get but was limited on funds. He came out the back room with his hands full of movies and was having a hard time carrying all of them with ease. Both of my boys ran up to him and offered to help him carry some movies to the front.

Then I made Jimmy tell me quickly how much we needed for all the movies we had using multiplication and he answered it rather quickly. The manager noticed that. The manager also made a comment about not being able to find decent enough workers with ease. Both boys stated they would help him and work with him if he wanted them too. They were being well mannered and polite. The manager decided to reward them for their brains,generosity, and manners by buying a movie for us (which we are on the rewards program so we get one free with every rental.) We were very grateful for that.

Then the true delight kicked in as we were walking out the door. He told the boys he wanted to give them a name tag to wear so that when they “come to work on Tuesday” they could wear it. So, they are all excited that they have name tags. If the manager lets them, which I hope he does, we may stay for just a little bit and actually “help him.” It made our boys so utterly happy to be “employed” and they are eager to go to work. They were so proud to tell their Daddy that they earned free movies as well as name tags.

I know to the manager may have cost him $5.00 worth of merchandise, but to our kids they will NEVER forget it. I honestly won’t either because of the delight and excitement they gained from that moment. This manager knows the way to this adults heart is by giving my kids happiness.

If only I had my camera….I can’t wait to post pictures again. 😉 Soon….




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  1. That is such an awesome story! The Blockbuster near us went our of business, but I’m glad to hear there are still some helping to make great memories. 🙂 Visiting from through the SITS girls.


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