Bugsy’s Box Review and Giveaway

As an animal lover, I’m always on the hunt for products that will make them feel special and appreciated too. When I was offered the chance to review Bugsy’s Box program, I was quite excited. We tend to be foster parents for dogs/cats that are looking for their forever homes. My in-laws own two chihuahua mix dogs, and they love to be spoiled too. I got this box for them to receive many special treats.

The Unboxing Video

The Real Verdict

The dogs loved all of the treats with the exception of the strawberry flavored treats. Everything else the dogs enjoyed completely. They have been fighting over the Pet Lou Plush Toys to the point that they have literally hid it so well that when I went to get a picture of them playing with it we couldn’t find them. This program is perfect for the dog owner who wants to ensure their dogs are spoiled all month long.

How it Works

You choose the plan that suits your needs. Regardless whether you have a small, medium, or large size dog, you’ll still only pay $34.00 a month for this service if you pay for it monthly. IF you choose to save yourself some money, you can pay for it in three month installments it’s $87.00. If you buy your dog treats and toys as often as I have, then you know the value of this package deal. If you’re not satisfied with this program be sure to cancel it before the 1st of the next month. However, I don’t see that being something you’ll even want to consider doing. Your dog deserves to be spoiled considering how much they do to enhance your life.

Enter to WIN a July Bugsy’s Box

You can enter to win the July Bugsy’s Box to be sent to your house for you to try out this service for yourself. In order to win you need to fill out the Giveaway Tools form completely. You also need to respond to the winning email notification within 48 hours with all of the required information.

Good Luck! 




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6 comments on “Bugsy’s Box Review and Giveaway”

  1. I wish I had a pooch to enter for 🙁 I really miss my pug Neo 🙁 It’s so heartbreaking to lose a pet. I hope someday another pet adopts me…and soon! Nice giveaway Crystal!

    • This is really cute. I love this package. I think any dog owner should really consider getting this subscription. (It would make a great gift idea for someone you’re really close to as well.)

  2. We love our little dog so much it’s ridiculous. I wish I could enter to win, but she has to be on a special diet and the treats need to be vet approved too. I know someone’s pet will win this nice box though.


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