When is a Breast Reduction Actually Good for Your Health?

Like many other types of breast surgeries, breast reduction surgery is typically regarded as a cosmetic procedure – that is, a surgical procedure that is carried out for no medical reason and without necessity. Yet despite being categorized as a form of surgery, breast reduction surgery is often performed to alleviate the painful physical conditions and distressing psychological trauma that often accompanies having larger-than-average breasts. With specialist surgeons across the UK, including the likes of Gary Ross in Manchester and Harley Medical in London, people are looking to breast reduction more regularly to alleviate health issues. Here are five reasons why having breast reduction surgery can be good for you:

1. Pain reduction

For many women with larger-than-average breasts, the weight of the excess breast tissues places an extraordinary amount of strain on the muscles in the back, shoulders and neck, resulting in severe and persistent pain. Many women complain of their bra straps digging in to their shoulders and imprinting painful and sometimes long-lasting grooves in the skin. As well as causing grooves, if the bra straps are pulled too tightly (usually in an effort to keep the breasts held in and upright), painful sores may emerge beneath the straps. Battling against constant pain can cause numerous long-term health problems, both as a result of the recurrent strain and the copious painkilling medications that have to be taken to alleviate the issue. To help reduce pain, women may try to change how they stand, resulting in a long-term (and potentially damaging impact) on their posture and muscle tone. A long-term solution to the problem is a breast reduction; in such instances, a breast reduction is not performed for cosmetic purposes, but to reduce pain and increase quality of life.

2. Ease psychological distress

Breast reduction surgery is typically regarded as a procedure that is confined to the realm of women; in reality, however, many men also seek breast reduction surgery to help reduce the psychological trauma associated with having ‘man boobs’. Many women with large breasts also suffer psychologically, reporting feelings of embarrassment and self-consciousness. Women with large breasts often struggle to find clothing that fits properly, thereby reducing their confidence in their appearance, and it’s a similar situation for men; men with large breasts will go for clothes that hide their breasts but do nothing to help their self-image. Reducing the size of the breasts can therefore increase self-confidence and promote self-esteem by alleviating many of the psychological problems associated with having large breasts.

3. Promote fitness

Many women with larger breasts complain of being unable to participate in physical exercise. The increased strain on the chest and back muscles makes it harder for women with larger breasts to regulate their breathing during exercise, and the excess sweating beneath the breasts can result in painful rashes. In some cases, persistent rashes beneath the breasts (usually the result of sweat becoming trapped between the skin and breast tissue) can become infected and require medical attention, antibiotics and, occasionally, surgery. Women (and men) with large breasts also worry about how their breasts look during exercise and thus avoid exercise to save embarrassment. Breast reduction surgery can allow such individuals to engage in exercise again, feel fitter, and be healthier.




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