Better than KFC Chicken!!!

I decided to try this product several months ago, and let me tell you it has become a MAJOR hit with our family. Everyone (including in-laws AND kids) get really excited when they see this on the menu. This one product on average cost $4.00 and the chicken cost about $10.00 (at max for a HUGE pack of chicken.) Sometimes I make homemade fries to go with it ($6.00 for a 10 lb. bag of potatoes.) The oil cost $13.00 (which there is enough for 2 uses.) Then corn or green beans on average $2.00 (we go through two cans per meal.) That’s the same cost as going to KFC and it’s home cooked. Plus the kids get to enjoy being a part of the cooking process (the cleaning of the chicken and coating the chicken, peeling potatoes, cleaning potatoes.) Plus it gives ME great pleasure to see my kids happily eating their meal with gusto.
Doesn’t that look good?? It’s nice and moist and cooked to perfection.
I just couldn’t resist sharing about this wonderful product. Our local grocery store has it buy one get one free a lot too. Smile

Have you ever used it?? If so, what do you think about it??



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