Better Opportunities For My Kids

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Supercuts, but that in no way shaped my opinion of this company. 

One of the things I strive to achieve through my homeschooling journey with my kids is ensuring that they have a better life as an adult than what I’ve had. My kids are spoiled rotten by my definition, but in the same token, I still want them to have total freedom to pursue whatever dreams they may have in life.

One of the dreams I’d love for them to consider is owning a franchise. Of course, that means that they have to earn quite a bit of money between now and the time they become adults. Ironically, Jimmy is learning as much as he can about the Internet world, marketing, and blogging. He very well may soak it all up and speed right on past me and become a millionaire before he’s 18.

The advantage of homeschooling is I get to teach my kids anything that interests them. Plus also their regular lessons that are required by the state. We get to speed through the things don’t interest them and focus on things that they feel they will really use later on in their life.

Since both of my older kids are boys, I can easily see them opening a Supercuts Franchise with their spouses in the future. Did you know that 31% of the people looking to start a business are planning on going into business with a spouse or domestic partner? I can see Delbert as the most inclined to do this because he is my fashion king if I ever saw one. He was literally making sure I put my makeup on right  Saturday, and offering to brush my hair because it wasn’t quite right in the back for him.

Of course, you don’t have to have a fashion sense within yourself to own a Supercuts franchise. You just have to be business savvy. Both of my boys LOVE all things Math related. They both can talk with and relate with people from all walks of life with complete ease. I feel that both of them could make great business owners.

I personally feel it is far better to work for yourself than it is to do it for anyone else. Yes, granted with a franchise there are still many rules and regulations to follow, but that comes with any business ownership. However, it gives you a bit more freedom than working 40+ hours for someone else who is earning the profits off of your hard-earned sweat. There is also a greater sense of pride that comes from being a franchise owner.

I definitely strive to teach my kids as much as possible. I want them to have the ability to work in whatever industry that interests them and keeps them happy. After all, that saying “doing what you love is not work” is so utterly true. I want them to eagerly wake up and want to work for a living to provide for their families. Knowing that they can earn money based off how well they shape a company is such a wonderful idea.

You can learn more about Super Cut Franchising on their website. You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

What big dream(s) do you have for your kids? 




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