Better Choices: Italian Food

My boyfriend is Italian, and he’s grown up with regular meals of fettuccine alfredo, lasagna, and… more fettuccine alfredo. Whenever we celebrate special events, we almost always go for Italian food, and we actually did that last week. You might remember that my boyfriend and I have made an effort to start eating better, but we kind of ignored that on our date and went all out: we ordered house mozzarella and crostini, and a delicious margherita pizza. Of course we looked up the nutritional information and died a little bit once we saw that we had 3000 calories sitting on our table, but it was a nice treat. Anyway, to help you make better decisions when eating Italian food, here are three options to consider next time you’re out!


This soup is a great option when you’re trying to pick Italian food that’s better for you! It’s full of delicious vegetables and beans, and because of all the fiber in it, it’ll keep you full for longer. It’s also a broth-based soup, so there’s no caloric cream to worry about.

Pasta with Red Sauce

Pasta might not be the least caloric thing on the menu, but how many of us can really go out for Italian and not have some pasta? Alfredo, rose, and other cream-based sauces can be ridiculously caloric and full of fat, so if you need to have some pasta, opt for a marinara or other red sauce instead. They are much lower in calories, and have some vegetables in there as well. If you absolutely must have alfredo, ask to have half the sauce or even less.


Of all the appetizers on menus that specialize in Italian food, bruschetta is often the one that is better for you if you’re not looking for a salad or a soup. Bruschetta is one of those foods that helps you portion your meal, and it’s great for sharing. Having a simple order with the usual tomato, basil, and olive oil is a perfect way to enjoy a light bite to eat without blowing your calories for the day.




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