The Best Online Entertainment for Fall 2016

Since the winter months are rapidly approaching, I’ve been scouting around to see how I can keep myself and my family entertained indoors when it’s wet and windy outside.

Whilst this once used to mean having to flip through the channels of our TV set, it seems that it’s now our smartphones and tablets that are the best bet for entertainment as there’s a limitless supply of online videos, games and fun challenges that can definitely keep us occupied on those long, cold winter nights!

Obviously YouTube is a big source of entertainment for me and my family. And whilst I’ve definitely spent my fair share of time crying with laughter over funny cat videos, there’s a few great YouTube channels that I also subscribe to.

I’m a real fan of fashion and beauty channels like Sprinkle of Glitter that offer some great make-up tips without being too patronising, and I never go to the movies without first consulting the YouTube movie review channel Screen Junkies – just to make sure that I don’t have another disappointing X-Men experience!

Film review channels like this are great with the likes of Netflix offering a massive amount of movies and TV shows from the comfort of our sofas. And I find that you can’t trust the user ratings on Netflix too much, so sites this like are great to ensure safe family viewing.

Gaming is another big hit on YouTube with their YouTube Gaming app being a great way to keep the little ones occupied as they watch famous gamers like PewDiePie offer amusing commentaries on things like the Pokémon Go phenomenon.

And even adult gamers can join the fun with online casino sites like Coral offering variants of the bingo game that are full of thrills and perfect for a bit of excitement once the kids have gone to bed!

But sometimes it’s when we create our own entertainment that things really get fun. We’ve had an excellent few months playing the HeadsUp! game that was on the Ellen Degeneres show, but our new favourite has to be the Snapchat app which has a new face swap feature that’s perhaps the most surefire way to get the whole family in stitches!

And finally, if you’re really in the mood for some fun, then I’d definitely recommend getting the Pinterest app and hunting down some funny photos that you can use to create a virtual pinboard to keep you amused on a rainy day.

So whether it’s just more funny animal pictures, or even online bingo, there’s plenty of ways to stay entertained whilst the weather gets chillier!




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