Best AI Companies in Healthcare Set to Blow Up in 2024

One bubbling under industry is AI medicine, which is set to disrupt the nature of medical services as we know it. More companies are jumping on the bandwagon and contributing new functionalities and capabilities that are revolutionizing the medical AI field.

The fast-paced nature of the growth of these companies is enough evidence of the growing demand for top-notch quality medical services. There are a few discrepancies in the regulatory framework by governments that limit the application of these technologies.

Today, we look at some disruptive companies focused on the medical field with new AI technologies changing how we look at medical services.

How AI Is Changing the Medical Field

AI has untapped potential with practical applications in sectors ranging from military, education, finance, security, agriculture, robots, and healthcare. These disruptive technologies are set to take over our central lives, including our health.

Most industries and professions are willing to accept the next phase of the digital revolution. However, some industries still need to be convinced about the efficacy of replacing humans with AI-powered robots. Furthermore, the moral problem is trusting AI machines to handle health services.

We live in the era of cyber-attacks used by enemies to devastate countries and their facilities. Imagine some cybercriminals compromising AI-powered systems of hospitals and medical facilities. This could cripple a country’s healthcare system.

But, there’s massive potential for AI technologies to redesign the sector completely. Moreover, medical practitioners can leverage their capabilities in developing treatment plans and finding suitable methods for patients. Moreover, it can store large databases of patient’s medical records while providing assessments over time. A quick PDF download can provide a patient’s medical file with a translator in Word for further analysis.

Practical Examples of AI in Use

Currently, multiple AI-powered systems that provide numerous patient data and ease the workload of medical professionals are already in use. Here are some practical cases that showed the potential for a large-scale adoption of these technologies:

Microsoft Fabric

A brainchild of Microsoft and Azure, this data analytics platform gathers a wide range of datasets in one place. The end product provides health experts with a unified platform for assessing data in the digital landscape.

For years, the platform, through algorithms, analyzed the interpretation of data while making analytics accessible to the masses.

The platform provides data access, management, and analysis from various sources through familiarized prompts and skills. Moreover, there’s a cloud storage option where healthcare professionals can safely store and retrieve data.

Furthermore, its capabilities are not limited to data storage and analysis. It can easily build machine learning models while providing visualized results. This makes it easier for users to develop data flows and data pipelines.


Predictive AI is one field that increases the stakes on the AI’s potential to make accurate medical analysis as a guide to clinicians. DeepMind is another revolution that harnesses the power of human-AI collaboration in a hypothetical medical setting to ensure accurate results.

DeepMind results from years of re-engineering and testing AI models with the complex nature of predictive AI. It can use multiple real-world datasets that combine the best of human expertise and predict AI results. The result is more accurate results that other AI models can build on.


Medical documentation is a hectic process for most medical professionals. One way to provide easy data solutions and documentation is by capitalizing on AI’s powers. This saw the rise of Augmedix AI, an industry-leading AI-powered platform for medical documentation and data solutions.

The proprietary platform digitizes all medical practitioner and patient conversations with the aim of providing a comprehensive analysis of data and medical notes in real-time. It contains numerous features such as speech recognition and natural language processing for creating accurate and timely notes to transfer to medical experts.

AI-Powered Companies in Healthcare Industry

Many companies are pushing the boundaries of AI capabilities in the medical field. These companies are leading the way in producing industry-leading disruptive technologies with numerous applications in the medical setting. Here are some popular companies with intensive investment in AI medicine:

Butterfly Network

Butterfly Network is one of the budding companies involved in manufacturing medical imaging devices. Throughout the years, the company maintained consistency in providing users with access to valuable clinical insights through innovative ultrasound technology that leverages the power of AI.

Recently, the company received FDA clearance for its flagship project, an AI tool designed to allow users to assess abnormal conditions easily. The release of the Auto B-Line Counter provides clinicians with accurate B-Line counts.


This worldwide produces medical therapies and devices, including pacing systems, surgical imaging systems, diabetes therapies, and insulin pumps. The company remains committed to integrating the latest healthcare technologies for new possibilities in the medical field.

In partnership with NVIDIA, the company recently released the FDA-cleared endoscopy module that helps clinicians detect colorectal cancer by harnessing multiple AI algorithms. This includes a cloud-based platform for efficient training and validation of AI models.

Behold AI

A growing concern for most clinicians is the need for medical advancements in radiology. Behold AI brings the latest technologies to help radiologists diagnose radiology scans in different modalities.

The company provides an all-in-one platform for automatically detecting various medical conditions from stroke, diabetes, and lung cancer. One of the standout features available at the company is the AI-powered NHS lung cancer pathway for reducing patients’ CT wait times. Patients don’t have to wait weeks to receive their results; it processes them within minutes.


PathAI is an industry leader in AI-powered solutions that provide precise pathological results with accelerated growth. The company has received numerous accolades for quality management systems through its nearly decade of operation.

The company is transforming the pathology sector by developing AI models that optimize the analysis of patient tissue samples. Furthermore, it supports numerous customer solutions through its wet lab services.

Bottom Line

The nature of AI technologies only opens a new world of possibilities in the medical field. More companies are heavily investing in these technologies that provide numerous benefits, from documentation, disease detection, treatment plans, and diagnosing patients. It’s a space we’ll keep watching out for in 2024.



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