How I Became Part of the Online Vaping Revolution

When I first started vaping several years ago, virtually no one I knew did it. I’d whip out my vape, send up some beautiful clouds, and people would stare like I was some futuristic bounty hunter. There weren’t very many options available back then as far as devices or juice flavours. I had to content myself with what was available from the first small shop that had quietly appeared an hour away from where I lived. This meant that I vaped a lot of tobacco-flavoured e-juice, then a bit of menthol when it became available.

Then vaping started to catch on. Suddenly, it seemed like virtually everyone was carrying around a pen or some type of device. Some people literally wore their vapes around their necks. Local retail stores started to catch on, too. More of them started popping up – and the ones that appeared started carrying a wider range of devices and e-liquid strengths and flavours.

Now I had a new problem. The goods were theoretically available, but my favorite e-liquids were perpetually sold out. Plus, a “wide range” of devices still didn’t mean a huge selection. I often couldn’t find the parts and accessories I was looking for. This meant many wasted trips to local stores in which I’d leave empty-handed.

ECigWizard? Problem Solved.

That’s when I decided to go online to shop for my vaping supplies. I wanted a reputable company (no one wants to buy e-liquid from a no-name company) that had a fantastic selection and a great shopping experience. ticked all the boxes.

The company has been in the vaping business since 2011. Over the years, ECigWizard has become the largest online and offline vaping retailer in the UK, carrying the biggest variety not only in the UK, but also in Europe.

They’ve got a fantastic selection of vape kits. If you’re a vaping novice, it’s easy to find a device that will work for you because they have their kits laid out in “Starter” and “Intermediate” categories. I’ve sent a few newbie friends to the site to get started and they loved it.

For me, has become my one-stop-shop for everything vaping-related. I can find the latest and greatest in vaping devices, as well as replacement coils, batteries, drip tips, and anything else I need to keep my vape up and running smoothly. They carry products from brands like Taste Vape, eLeaf, and Wismec.

Flavours Galore

Best of all is the selection of e-liquid flavours. They carry products from Button Junkie and Just Joe’s, but they also have their own flagship lineup of e-juices under the WizMix name. They’ve got my old tobacco standbys, but they’ve also got fruity, sweet, sour, and every flavour in between. I can find an e-liquid for any time of day or occasion, whether I want a pick-me-up in the morning or have a sweet tooth after dinner.

Best of all? I don’t waste time wandering down to my local shop to find that my favorite flavour is sold out or that they don’t have the part I need. The world of vaping has definitely changed over the years, and so has the way I shop for vaping supplies.




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