BatttleFrog Tri-State Race Family Event

I’m always on the hunt for neat and unusual things to do with my family. I like to give them unique memories that they can share stories with others when they are growing up and beyond. I just found out about the BattleFrog Tri-State Race Event due to them requesting me to do a sponsored posts for them. The BattleFrog event doesn’t hit the Carolinas until April 23, 2016, but the Tri-State Race hits Englishtown, NJ on June 20, 2015 at the Raceway Park.

What is the BattleFrog Event

That was my first question when I saw this. BattleFrog is a family event in which families can go test their physical skills against others and meet real Navy Seals. There are a few different race events to be a part of.

BattleFrog 8K

This is a course designed for people ages 13 and up. This course will take you through 22 plus SEAL-inspired obstacles that use air, land and water to test your body, mind and spirit. If you can’t finish the course for any reason you can do SEALFIT 8 Count Body Builders. However, throughout each course you will have coaches to motivate you and inspire you along the way.

BullFrog Mile

This mile-long course is for kids ages 8 to 13. This course is designed to be like a mini “boot camp.” They strive to make it fun, but yet at the same time challenging for the kids who decide to take part in this course.

Tadpole Dash

This short 400-meter course is designed for kids ages 4-8. The kids get to see first-hand that they can finish the tough tasks and be strong. Check out this little clip. Doesn’t that look like fun for the kids?

BattleFrog Elite

There is even a competition this year for Championship prizes. There is a long list of great prizes up for grabs. The Elite Heats can earn up to $25,000. This provides even more reason to enjoy this family event together. Check out more about the BattleFrog Elite on the website.

Go Register

Again these events start in Tri-State on June 20, 2015. This looks like an event that your family is sure to remember for years to come. This is a great way to find out just how strong your family is as a team. Plus, you’ll be able to meet amazing people. Go to BattleFrog’s website and register for a location near you.

Be sure to follow along on social media too by following BattleFrog on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Do you think is this something you and your family would enjoy?





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