Are We Ready to Celebrate Again?

It has been a very long year. If you are raring up to celebrate here at the end of the year, you are not alone. This upcoming fall and winter are prime time for careful celebration, but joyful celebration nonetheless. If you need help with invitations, Basic Invites can assist you with a number of your needs. For any parties you are planning, they have got your invite needs covered.

Belated Birthday Parties

If your birthday happened between March and September, then it seems you might have missed out. Folks are looking to celebrate now, and with more information about how to stay safe and healthy during these wild times, post-birthday parties are becoming a thing. Backyard parties are becoming popular this time. These sorts of parties can be done in a safe way with appropriately distanced activities, correctly worn masks, and separated foods and goody bags. Maybe you missed a milestone birthday? If so, Basic Invites has got you covered, from Sweet Sixteen to 30th birthday invitations.

Outdoor picnics

If you’ve ever been to London in the summertime, you know exactly how popular picnics are. For much of the US, however, hot, humid, and rainy summers are not ideal for picnics. Cooler breezes in make fall picnics ideal. Picnics in public parks are still a great way to gather with friends and keep a safe distance. And why not make it an extra special time with party invitations for your special picnic? If you’re having a picnic party, you can also class it up with fancy invitations. Basic Invites has foil features in gold, silver, and rose gold. Foil details on invitations can also be made flat or raised.

Fall & Harvest Festivals

Harvest season is such an important season for festivals, bundling up, and campfire singalongs. Hayrides can be done at a distance, right? While big crowds still might not be the safest bet, socially distanced events like apple picking or corn mazes can still provide a lot of fun. My daughter’s school PTA is getting involved in painting large pallets to make a maze out of for a harvest festival, and I am ready to mask up and get in the spirit. To match a perfect fall palate, Basic Invites has 180 different colors to choose from on invitations and 40 colors for envelopes. If you’re hosting a harvest event, you can also order a paper sample from Basic Invite, ensuring that your order comes out exactly as you want it to.

Thanksgiving dinners

By now, you’ve probably gotten a bubble ready to go. You’ve been spending time with many of the same people here & there over the last several months. You might want to keep it small for Thanksgiving this year, happy that the people who you’ve gathered closest to you are still healthy, or you might want to pre-quarantine and let a few more people over. If you’re looking to gather long unseen friends and family to enjoy the most delicious holiday of the year, Basic Invite has tools that you can gather addresses with in order to make your inviting a cinch. They offer address printing for no additional cost. Spend your time planning the menu, not the invitations.

If you’ve missed out on hosting others, now is the time to slowly get back into the game. Even better, Basic Invite is offering 15% off with coupon code: 15FF51. There is no better time to put on a distanced but exciting event for your friends and family.



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