A Different Approach to Addiction Recovery #RecoveryMusic

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When you’re an addict of any kind whether that’s being addicted to food, drugs, alcohol or even a sex addict, it’s hard to get someone who isn’t one to understand the inner battles you face daily. When you’re able to easily access the things that you’re addicted to it becomes all too easy to fall back into the rut of addiction. There are many rehab centers all across the world. I personally have found that equine therapy has helped me more than anything else. However, I am intrigued by the music therapy concept that Recovery Unplugged offers in their treatment center.

A System That Works

The Recovery Unplugged system is a system that is created to work for individuals beyond their 30 days at the rehab centers. I can honestly see it working because they use music to help make it happen. I’ve mentioned a hundred times how much music moves me to my core. I’m not the only one who feels that way about music.

Music can help pull me out of a depressive state of mind. It can also change my mood in an instant. There are some songs that I hang onto like a lifeline when I’m being consumed with issues from my abused past.

Some of them include:

These songs remind me that I am stronger than anything I’ve had to endure and in some cases as a result of those situations. I can beat these emotional battles I’m dealing with. Songs like these help me gain the strength I need to do it.

Music is Used Everyday

Think about it people who are strong athletes in most cases work out to the sound of music in their ears. I’m certainly no exception to the case. When I do work out or take on an intense project, I can’t do it well unless I have music blaring in my ears. Music helps spark my creativity and inner passion for what I’m working on.

If we use music in our lives like this, imagine a recovering addict using music to help empower them through their rough patches. They can take the music that they created at Recovery Unplugged to help them through those dark hours they are bound to have. They don’t have to worry about reaching out to a sponsor or going to a center to get help. Their songs will breathe life back into them.

I’m not naïve enough to believe that this program will work for everyone, but I can see the power behind the music therapy concept. After hearing about this program, I’m honestly wondering if I can use it to my advantage and if it’s something that someone near and dear to me should consider trying.

Gain More Information for the Addict in Your Life

If you know someone who is an addict and could benefit from trying this system, be sure to check out Recovery Unplugged website. You can also connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and YouTube.

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