8 Great Ways to Keep Your Pet Pest Free

Our animals need protection too, especially in the Spring and Summer months, so here are just 8 great ways to help keep your pet pest free.

Brush and brush.

Keep pets coats healthy as well as shiny too, so brush them regularly especially when they come back in the house after playing outdoors.  Pet stores have a wide assortment of brushes and combs that are perfect for each pet.  Don’t forget to brush your cat too, not just your dogs.

Walk often.

Keep your animals in shape by walking them often and try to avoid large, tall grassy areas.  Don’t walk them in wooded areas either to keep fleas and ticks away.

Wash bedding.

It’s important to wash all your pet’s bedding and plush toys often in hot water a few times a month.  Keep their beds clean, keep them clean too by bathing regularly.


Invest in treatments.

Your vet can recommend a good quality flea and tick treatment that can help ward away infestations.  If you pets are outdoors a lot, this is super important so pay a little extra for the good ones.

Remove ticks.

While brushing their coats, keep an eye out for ticks and remove them quickly.  This goes the same for cats, too.  If you see your animals scratching and itching the same spot over and over, this could be a sign of a tick.

Vacuum house.

Keep your house thoroughly vacuumed to avoid fleas, ticks, and other insects from reaching your pets.  At least once or twice a week should help tons.

Treat the yard.

It’s also a good idea to treat your lawn and entire yard for insects.  Most home improvement stores make great products for this that are pet-friendly, so keep it treated year round but focus on it the most in the summer.

Keep them healthy.

Feed your pets a healthy diet and limit treats if you can, because a healthy dog keeps their immune system boosted and therefore can reduce itchy dry skin and bug bite inflammations

We all love our pets and always want what’s best for them, so treat them like family always and treat them for pests too!

What are some of your best tips you’ve found to keep your pet pest free?




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