7 Recommended Real Estate Apps You Must Try

Finding the perfect house is difficult, especially if you get a lot of options to choose from. You need to give enough time to search the perfect one. Reading the classified ads section of the broadsheet is one of the old ways to find a decent property, and then call the number to inquire.

However, it’s already an Internet era. It is where people use the world wide web to search various things. With that significant change in the technology, it also shaped the way we find real estate properties. We can now browse our mobile devices and PC to search for our ideal property.

Thanks to modern technology, starting a family like yours, do not have to travel miles just to check a property for sale. You can just open apps on your phone and look for the perfect property for your family. They provide immediate and great options while you relax at home and spend time with your loved ones.


Below are some of the best real estate apps you should try:


Xome offers a home-buying and renting experience for users. They access different listings through swiping or clicking, they can start the house search process. The app has the state-of-the-art dashboard that allows the user to connect with other house hunters, real estate agents, and mortgage brokers. House hunters can track down their purchase contracts and loans. If they have any inquiries, an online concierge can guide them through the procedures. In addition, Xome is also offering home auctions where users can bid on.


House hunters are always weighing their options and in a week, they have seen dozens of properties. It’s a bit difficult to remember all the details on those properties. PictNote can help them to review all the special features of a certain property. It combines pictures with notes, and it automatically geocodes the location.


This popular housing search engine offers plenty of properties in search results. However, the search bar has a limited number of filters, so users won’t be able to narrow down the search. Overall, it is still worth using when finding a potential property.


This mobile app offers an instant access to over 3,000 listings of homes for sale that consumers can choose from. It provides complete details, including neighborhood information, pictures, and even demographic data. Results can be viewed in list, map or photo view.

Coldwell Banker

This app is not solely for U.S. homes. Users can also search for properties with international listings. If you plan to retire and look for a permanent home in a foreign country, use Coldwell Banker.


This house-hunting app allows users to snap a photo of the property they are checking out and it quickly gives information about the property. It includes home’s estimated value, property status, amenities, and a number of bedrooms and bathrooms. HomeSnap also shows nearby listings to choose from. This app is using the smartphone’s GPS to determine where you are and what property you’ve just photographed.


Zillow is another famous house-hunting app. It provides essential home value estimates based on data from public records, real estate agents, homeowners, and tax assessors. The app is accurate to use, offering complete transaction history for each home and lets users search for current mortgage rates by state.

If you and your family are looking for a nice place to settle, it is the time you look for a property that will nourish your relationship. Make that easy by using these applications for easy real estate hunting.

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