7 Home Renovation Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2024

Home renovation is a great way to upgrade your living space without moving. It also allows you to figure out what you need out of all your belongings and what you don’t. However, there are certain things to remember when it comes to home renovation. Remember to consider interior design trends when planning your home renovation. You can review the latest trends and see which one matches your taste. 

Here are the seven home renovation trends that you need to keep an eye on in 2024 if you plan to renovate your place: 

1. Multi-Generational Remodels

Did you know California has the lowest homeownership rate in the U.S.? Due to the state’s housing market, young people are moving back in with their parents. Some adults get their family members or partners to move in with them to save on expenses. 

As a result, multi-generational remodeling has become one of the most popular home renovation trends in 2024. Grandparents are adding playrooms to their homes to create fun spaces for their grandkids. Mudrooms are also a great addition to homes that will be welcoming kids. People add storage space in their mudrooms to minimize clutter around their place. 

Multi-generational upgrades are not limited to playrooms and mudrooms. People can add extra entrances to their homes if needed. Some homeowners also utilize extra space, like the basement, to set up a second kitchen. 

2. Sustainable Living

Adopting a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle is not just a fashion statement but also the need of the hour. In 2024, more homeowners will turn towards sustainable living. However, making your home eco-friendly doesn’t mean redoing your entire place. You can start by choosing eco-friendly materials for the renovation of your house. Reclaimed wood and recycled glass can be great ideas for remodeling your house. You can also look into renewable energy sources like a solar panel setup. Due to their uniqueness, eco-friendly materials also add to the aesthetics of your home. 

3. Smart Home Technology

According to a study, 79% of consumers said that smart home devices have positively affected their lives. In 2024, homeowners who are renovating can also integrate smart home technology to make their lives easier. Devices like smart thermostats and lighting systems can help you lower your electricity bills. Another advantage of smart home technology is the added security. With smart locks, you can keep your house protected from intruders and enjoy the feeling of safety. 

4. Vintage & Antique Looks

Combining vintage and antique elements in your home’s decor gives it a timeless look. To add a sense of history to your place, you can choose antique furniture pieces for your living room. You can also upgrade the look of your bedroom by choosing a vintage bed. 

People often misunderstand that all vintage furniture looks the same. However, if you visit a bedroom furniture store for vintage articles, you will see how versatile this style can be. If you visit a well-known store, you can easily find a vintage-style bed that matches your personal preference. 

5. Textured Wall Finishes

Another trend that is on the rise in 2024 is textured wall finishes. People are going for textured paint, terrazzo, and plaster to add character to the walls. These finishes combine dark and light colors to create contrast and breathe life into boring rooms. Textured wall finishes add depth to your walls while also enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. Another benefit of these walls is their durability and ease of maintenance. 

6. Outdoor Spaces

Although some people have always utilized their outdoor spaces, many still prefer the indoors. However, the latest home renovation trend inspires people to upgrade their outdoor spaces.  You can set up furniture on the deck to enjoy your Sundays outdoors. If your patio or deck has enough space, you can use it to enjoy mealtimes with family outdoors while soaking up the sun. 

7. Minimalism with Bold Colors

In 2024, minimalism moved from neutral to bold colors while maintaining its core value of less is more. People are focused on decluttering their living spaces and letting furniture pieces take center stage. 

However, unlike traditional minimalism, which uses neutral colors, homeowners are opting for bold and vibrant vibes. They can choose a color that reflects their personality and make it the theme of their living space. Combining minimalism with bold colors results in fresh and unique looks that will impress every visitor. 

Now that you know the latest home renovation trends, you can start working towards a new look for your house. You can adopt the trends that match your personal style preferences and get ready to impress people with your home renovation. 



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