5 Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary

An anniversary is an important occasion for many people. In many countries, the divorce rate is the highest ever, and sadly, the rates of successful marriages continue to fall. Honoring a couple who have managed to survive the trials and tribulations of life and love, is well worthy of a major celebration that will be unforgettable.

What to Do?

Some couples may want to have a wild night out, whereas others may go for an elegant and intimate gathering by themselves at home or with their closest friends. Others may fancy some fine dining at a pizza or a steak restaurant. Let’s have a look at 5 ways you can make it memorable and maybe even recommend to others:

1. Say Cheese!

Create a list of some of your favorite places around town, take out your camera, and go for a photo shoot! Go to the places that hold special meaning and memories for you and your significant other. Maybe you could stop at the place where you had your first kiss, or the church where you were married. Ask a passer-by to take a couple of photos of you.

2. Take the Day Off

Take the day off from work, turn off the mobile phone and internet connection, and just kick back and spend some quality time together. Try keeping it simple and get yourselves away from the humdrum world out there. A bottle of good wine plus your favorite snacks, just might fit in there well, also!

3. Go Retro

If you live near or in the town where you were married, consider trying to hire the location where your wedding or reception took place. You may even wish to have a vow renewal ceremony, where you can repeat your wedding vows, or make new ones to each other. Way to go and how many couples have done that or ever will?

4. Food, Glorious Food!

Who doesn’t enjoy a night out at a great restaurant? Somewhere with great food and drinks to match are the perfect combination for an evening to remember. If you want to impress, then you can’t go wrong with the best steak in Perth by Tony Roma’s for a tasty treat for that special, unique occasion, with that someone special.

5. Head to a Drive-In

Forget hitting the boring old cinema, why not have a change and opt for a classic drive-in? Under the stars and in the privacy of your own vehicle, who could want more? Just try to get there early and make sure it’s going to be good weather!


An anniversary should be a celebration of the people who have made it so far together, and should honor both their interests and their love for each other. Take your time to make sure that your choice of celebration is really designed for your pleasure, and matches what you would have in mind. Big or small, an anniversary should be memorable for your love and commitment to each other, regardless of budget and setting. Enjoy!

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