5 Things to Do to Get Your Dog Ready for the Winter (Winter Is Coming)

Winter is a fun holiday season for most. But as a pet parent, you need to think about your pet’s needs before starting to plan for the holidays. Some dog breeds, like Malamutes, are meant for the winter climate. But some short-coated dogs, like dachshunds, the winter can be a formidable foe. Depending on the breed of dog you have, you need to start preparing for the winter. Here are some things you need to keep in mind when preparing for the winter.

Change of Diet

All animals tend to start increasing their food intake just before winter. This natural need persists throughout winter for your dog. Even if winter is not a particularly active season for your dog, you might need to beef up their diet. You can switch to a fattier meat as a source of nutrition for them. Beef is a meat best served in winter. In summer your dog might not be able to digest beef too well. But in winter fatty meat like beef will help your dog preserve their body fat and temperature. Give your dog a healthy meaty broth with winter vegetables. Instead of packaged meals choose to give them warm homemade food.

Change Food and Water Bowls

If you use metallic food and water bowls then think about shifting to ceramic or plastic ones for winter. Metal bowls end up chilling the food and water. Ceramic and plastic bowls can maintain heat longer.

Modifying Grooming Schedule

Winter is the season when your dog cannot be given a bath frequently. If your dog is not ok with a hair drier than you run the risk of them falling terribly sick. You need to frequently groom your pet to avoid giving them a bath. After walks clean their paws. Brush them once or twice a day. Winter is when you notice your dog shedding excessively. Brushing them will keep the shed in control. Use wet wipes and dry shampoos instead of giving your dog a bath.

Creating a Heated Living Space

Your dog’s crate, dog house or dog bed might not be warm enough for your dog. You do not want your dog to be freezing in the cold winter night. Do not let your dog sleep out in the yard in winter. If you make them sleep in their dog house outside, then ensure that the dog house is insulated. Anything less than that is inhumane. If you are keeping your dog indoors then give them a nice warm place to sleep. The floor gets extremely cold at night. Give your dog a warm dog bed.

Buy Accessories for Safety

You can buy pet discount supplies to prepare your dog for the winter. Get your dog some waterproof booties if winters get snowy or wet. There are many chemicals and salt that people sprinkle on the roads in winter. The shoes can help keep your dog safe from them. For short coat dogs, you should buy a sweater. Find the right size for your dog and use a sweater before taking them out for a walk.




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