5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A House Before Your Baby Is Born

There are few more blessed events than welcoming a new child into the family. Buying a new home should also be a well-planned, easy process that helps fulfill your goals as parents. If you have a baby on the way, you may be tempted to focus first on the pregnancy and then finding the perfect new setting to raise your children. It is far easier for most people to get the new house first, as life tends to change dramatically once the baby comes.

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You Could Save Money

Life is always expensive, but after the baby comes it may be more difficult to stay within a household budget. If you try to purchase a house during these uncertain times, you may not qualify for the best mortgage rates. You may find yourself becoming less choosy about your options for homeownership, when you have seemingly more pressing matters on your mind, like raising your baby. Don’t forget, sellers may try to hold fast on an asking price if they sense you are eager to get settled since you are a young family in transition. Of course, you have help in this process: Habito’s mortgage advice makes your dream home a reality. It’s fast, easy and free to use Habito as your mortgage broker, but homebuying is still ultimately about your personal feelings when you finalize the transaction.

Moving is Stressful

Going into a new home is always an ordeal. There’s not just the packing and unpacking, but they stress of adjusting to a new environment. For a baby in the early days of life, these huge changes can cause big disruption. Imagine you get your little one on a solid sleeping schedule, and then they suddenly must get used to a new room. As most new parents would agree, getting the routine down pat is essential to a peaceful first few months for mom, dad and baby.

Postnatal Life is Unpredictable

Most moms spend a lot of time during pregnancy trying to decide whether a specific task is better done before or after the baby comes. One thing that’s important to remember is the physical recovery after birth. Pregnancy and childbirth are natural processes, but they take a toll on the body. While a new mom is trying to get herself back and look after her child, the last thing she may want to do is search for a new home. After all, finding the right house takes a lot of effort, especially for first-time homebuyers.

Your Child is Your Priority

Homebuying is a detailed experience, from anticipating renovations on the awnings to choosing the best floorplan. After your child comes, it will be hard to think of anything else. This is appropriate for all new moms but makes it more difficult to think through buying a new home. Open houses aren’t delayed so moms can feed their new babies, even though that new life is certainly more important.

You Can Build Your Family Vision

Your house is home base for your family life. It should be everything you envision for yourself, your partner and your new baby. Taking the time to start that vision before the baby is born is a great way to welcome this new life into your world.



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