5 Reasons to Invest in High-Quality TVs

TVs are impressive, offering low input lag, which benefits fast-paced video games. These sets have a self-illuminating screen, allowing more natural colors and excellent contrast.

Other brands offer a satisfying picture quality and HDR experience for budget-minded shoppers. These sets typically have a lower overall average score, however.

Exceptional Picture Quality

Although resolution tends to grab the most attention from consumers, it’s only a tiny part of the picture quality story. Color, contrast, brightness, and motion handling are pivotal in a TV’s overall image quality.

For example, a high-quality TV with an exceptional refresh rate (120Hz or more) delivers a smoother, crisper image than one with a low refresh rate. Try using YouTube or a Spears & Munsil test disc to see how much of an impact a higher refresh rate has on your TV’s image quality.

Similarly, some offer superior blacks for a cinematic experience in dark living rooms, while some excel in brighter spaces and provide vivid colors. Both are available in screens ranging from 42 to 83 inches, so you’ll find the right fit for your home.

Immersive Visuals

High-quality TVs offer immersive visuals that transform home entertainment into a spellbinding experience. This TV delivers clear, sharp, and colorful images, enhancing any movie, sports game, or other content you watch.

It also offers 4K resolution, which provides four times the image quality of Full HD TVs. This higher pixel density produces sharper and more detailed images that look more lifelike.

Many high-quality TVs feature built-in AI-enhanced upscaling that improves lower-resolution content. They also offer Auto Game Mode, which optimizes TV settings for gaming. This can help reduce input lag and deliver responsive gameplay. Some models have HDMI 2.1 support, which future-proofs them for compatibility with next-generation consoles. They also feature a sleek design that looks attractive in any room. Some have a backlight, while others are based on OLED technology, producing black color without a backlight.

Seamless Motion Handling

The image quality of TV is not only a critical consumer consideration, but it also helps to drive viewership and ad revenue for broadcasters. The good news is that high-quality TVs are more affordable than ever.

While resolution is the aspect of picture quality that consumers understand best, many other elements contribute to a great image. These include contrast, brightness, and motion handling.

Sony TVs, such as the X93L, boast Pantone-verified color accuracy and impressive low-resolution content upscaling. However, the X93L’s lack of ports and a clumsy Tizen interface are notable drawbacks. Hisense TVs, on the other hand, offer bright HDR pictures for sunny rooms and a robust Google OS platform. Their Game Pro mode makes them an excellent choice for gamers.

Advanced Audio Technologies

As TVs have become thinner over time, it has been easy for sound quality to suffer. However, some excellent TVs still boast a built-in audio system that delivers rich, dynamic, room-filling sound.

The Samsung S95C is one example. It features Acoustic Surface Audio that delivers sound from the screen with innovative actuators that vibrate delicately, positioning sounds correctly within the picture so dialogue and special effects are always heard clearly.

See more on what High dynamic range (HDR) can do, another feature that adds heightened realism to images. It allows the TV to show a broader range of colors and brightness closer to what the human eye can perceive, making details in shadows and highlights more realistic.

Smart Technology

Modern TVs are brilliant in some ways, offering built-in streaming apps and internet connectivity. However, high-quality smart TVs provide a more comprehensive array of advanced features, like dynamic upscaling and color enhancement, AI-driven audio tweaks, low input lag gaming mode, and much more.

Some smart TVs run their operating systems, while others work with third-party platforms like Roku to develop user interfaces. Regardless of your operating system, it should offer built-in support for popular services like Netflix, Hulu, and many other apps and utilities.

Whether you’re a fan of sitcoms or a fiend of angsty dramas, TV is a big part of most people’s lives, and it makes sense to invest in a quality set that can easily handle all of your favorite content.



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