5 Reasons to Buy Dubia Roaches for Your Reptiles

Are you obsessed with exotic animals?

If so, you’re not alone. That’s why so many people collect everything from exotic species of fish to reptiles like lizards and snakes. After all, reptiles are fascinating creatures that creep some people out yet are an essential part of the animal kingdom.

When you own reptiles, it’s important to make sure they are properly cared for. This includes feeding them their favorite sources of food, especially roaches. Here we take a look at what you should buy Dubia roaches for your collection of reptiles. Keep reading to learn more about where to buy Dubia roaches online.

1. Dubia Roaches vs Crickets

Many people make the mistake of thinking that crickets are the best source of food for their reptiles. And yet the truth is that Dubia roaches make a far better food option.

That’s because this type of roach is richer in protein for your reptiles than crickets. They also provide a higher concentration of calcium, while also offering a superior calcium-to-phosphorus ratio.

2. Dubia Roaches are Packed With Nutrition

Believe it or not, a Dubia roach is packed with tons of nutrition. This makes this an ideal choice for providing a healthy diet for your snakes, lizards, salamanders, and dragons.

3. Dubia Roaches are Perfect for Gut Loading

Does gut loading sound rather unpleasant? It might not be something you want to practice, and yet it’s an important part of daily life for reptiles. 

Gut loading is the practice of consuming as much food as possible so that they won’t have to worry about eating every single day. This is possible because the digestive system of certain reptiles can hold 2X their body weight. 

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4. Dubia Roaches are Ideal for Picky Eaters

Even if the reptiles in your aquarium are super picky, they will still get excited by the opportunity to dine on Dubia roaches. That’s why you should take every opportunity to look for roaches for sale.

5. Dubia Roaches Don’t Make Noise

Another reason to buy roaches rather than crickets is noise. That’s because roaches don’t make any sound at all. Thus they won’t keep you awake at night. Plus, they are odor-free and can’t fly or jump.

Reasons to Buy Dubia Roaches for Your Reptiles

It’s no secret that most people love pets. But not everyone enjoys owning snuggly pets. In fact, many people prefer cold-blooded creatures with scales and rough skin. Fortunately, for those who prefer reptiles, this guide to tips on how to buy Dubia roaches will help keep your reptiles healthy and happy.

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