5 Invasive Pest Species That Love Summer as Much as You Do

As the summer months arrive, many people get excited about relaxing outdoors, eating barbeque food and cooling off in the pool. Unfortunately, many pest species are equally excited for the warm weather. It can be challenging to keep some invasive species off your property during the summer.



Mosquitoes are the worst aspect of the summer for many people. These annoying insects are mostly harmless, despite their bites causing itching. However, some carry pathogens that may cause disease. So, for both comfort and health purposes, many homeowners choose to do what they can to protect against mosquitoes.

  • Avoid being outdoors during the dawn or dusk
  • Wear clothing that covers your arms and legs
  • Apply insect repellent when outdoors
  • Consider searching for ‘mosquito control services near me’ to find professional help


Ant populations grow significantly during the summer months. Worse yet, eating outdoors may lead to spills that attract these pests near your home. They are most often found around food. However, carpenter ants live in wood and may damage structures on your property. Fire ants live in dirt mounds in sunny areas and can cause painful stings.


Although ticks are a year-round problem, they are significantly more numerous during the summer. They are usually found in dense vegetation and may attach to humans and pets without notice. Carefully inspecting arms and legs for ticks before going inside is a must during the summer. Promptly remove any ticks and continue to observe the site as some may carry disease-causing pathogens.

Biting Midges

These small biting flies are known by many different names. However, regardless of what you call them, they are a frustrating and uncomfortable problem to deal with. Like mosquitoes, they are most active during the dusk and dawn. If using a tent, make sure it has biting midge screen mesh which is smaller than normal window screening.


As flowers bloom in the spring and early summer, populations of bees and other stinging insects become much more noticeable. Different species live in various conditions. For example, wasps live in suspended nets whereas yellow jackets nest in the ground. If you discover a nest, don’t panic but address the issue quickly with the proper spray or another species-appropriate removal method.

Get Assistance

Getting help from knowledgeable professionals can make the summer much more enjoyable. You can relax knowing that the problem is being dealt with correctly and quickly. Try searching for ‘pest control companies near me’ to find a top-rated service.




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