5 Gift Ideas for your Child’s Teacher

Teachers work hard, often taking on so much more responsibility than they have to. With budget cuts, increasing class sizes, and long hours, they really are superheroes both inside and outside the classroom. Picking a gift to show your and your child’s appreciation for their teacher can be difficult, but at the end of the semester, scrambling to find one can be a nightmare. Here I’ve included 5 present ideas that any teacher would love.


  1. Handmade Treasures

You don’t have to go fancy to show a teacher you care. You and your child can write a heartfelt note, knit a scarf, or even bake them some cookies if you know they have no allergies or dietary requirements. Let your child pick what to make, maybe they know that their teacher really likes rocks, or that they like wearing scrunchies in their hair.

  1. Chocolate

Chocolate may seem like a stereotypical present, but lots of people would love a delicious box of gourmet chocolates as a thank-you present. This present can be a bit pricey, but if you can afford it and your child’s teacher deserves it (and can eat it!), then why not give them a little treat.

  1. Off-time Gifts

Your child’s teacher isn’t always teaching—they have lives outside of school, too! If you know that they drink occasionally, gift them a bottle of wine. If they don’t drink, or if you don’t know if they do or not, consider gifting them a mug and some decadent hot chocolate, or some fancy coffee.

  1. Gift Cards

To some, gift cards and vouchers can seem like a thoughtless gift, but that’s not always the case. Teachers often sink their time and money into classroom supplies, and because they’re so busy, they can forget to treat themselves. Consider buying them a gift card to a popular restaurant so it will be like you’re treating them to a nice dinner, or to Amazon because that website has everything. If you’re going with a restaurant card, try to budget enough so that you can purchase a card that can cover a starter, main, and dessert.

  1. Hobby Gifts

If you happen to know one of your child’s teachers hobbies, you can purchase a gift based on that. If they like to garden, put together a plant pot and some bulbs; if they like to cook, make some infused oils with your child; if they like to knit, purchase a couple of skeins of luxurious yarn!




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