5 Common Workplace Injuries and Ways to Treat Them

No matter how large your firm’s setup might be, it can cause possible harm to you. Yes, from small startups to multinationals, every workplace has safety issues, and these issues put the lives of workers at risk. It could be anything from a cut to a fracture.

If you get injured, your professional and personal lives are negatively influenced. From managing hospital expenses to missing out on work and bearing physical pain, there are many after-effects of every minor, major workplace accident.

Knowing these injuries and their treatment is mandatory for every working individual. Employers could solve the crisis by introducing proper safety measures and training, but until your boss doesn’t take any initiative, learn about common workplace injuries.

The following five injuries are reported by most workers regardless of their occupation and the industry they work in. Individuals can read through and prepare themselves to prevent future harm.


When discussing workplace injuries, burns must not be overlooked. Many individuals working in factories or laboratories experience burning incidents regularly, often affecting their hands, feet, or face.

All this is mainly due to the poor safety measures adopted by employers. When senior management doesn’t provide protective gear or gloves, the chances of unwanted accidents increase significantly.

While no worker desires to sustain burns, it’s crucial to know the proper first aid steps. If you do suffer a burn, immediately cool it under running water. After soaking the affected area, cover it with a bandage. Promptly seek medical attention, without concern for the expenses.

Since the injury occurred due to employer negligence, they bear responsibility for your recovery costs. You could always take the help of a burn injury lawyer to claim compensation from a negligent employer.


When employers don’t take necessary precautions at their workplace, their workers experience multiple accidents, including fractures. A fracture or broken bone involves pain and limiting your mobility.

If you or your co-worker experience a fracture, stop the bleeding and apply pressure to the wound. When you successfully reduce the swelling, reach out to a hospital.

Unlike bruises and cuts, broken bones cannot be fixed without medical intervention. So, visit a practitioner to avoid falling into a bigger problem. 

Spine Injury  

By far, the most sensitive area in your body is your spine. A healthy spine gives you the strength to stand and carry out activities, but a damaged spine means you lose everything.

Sadly, most workplaces have inadequate security measures, causing neck and back injuries. Maybe you were lifting a box or made a sudden movement and it led to spine damage. This injury hurts the most and takes time to heal.

Therefore, treating your condition is essential. You will need lots of rest to rejuvenate, and during this time, avoid doing any heavy lifting.

If the working environment is responsible for causing spine injuries, it’s better to discuss the matter with your employer. In case, your employer refuses to listen, you can take legal action against them.

Wrist Sprains

Workers can also experience sprains or wrist injuries during working hours. Typically, a strain is known as a ligament injury, caused by excessive strain. People in the construction business or heavy lifting have to carry weight from one place to another, which strains their hands.

Even if someone isn’t carrying weight, they might be operating heavy machinery or performing tasks that require them to use their upper body strength. For example, cooks, writers, and programmers use their hands almost all the time and that leads to problems.

In such circumstances, the chances of sustaining hand injuries or strains increase significantly. With an injured hand, you can forget about work. Individuals might have to skip work, costing them money.

The best way to treat the problem is by taking timely action. Keep your hand free and avoid performing any activities with it. Try applying ice to the injured area or compress it using a bandage. The sooner you treat your hand, the higher the chances of a quick recovery.

Knee and Hip Injuries

Your knees and hips can easily get injured at any workplace. It might be due to excessive walking or an accidental fall. Whatever the reason might be for your injury, you will be in significant pain.

The best way to treat knee and hip injuries is by using ice compressions. Using ice will reduce inflammation and relieve your pain. You could also opt for physical therapy to quickly recover from the problem. 

If someone doesn’t cater to their knee and hip pain, it might become problematic over time and develop into tendinitis, ligament injuries, or stress fractures.

For those whose work requires crawling, climbing, or staying on their knees for long hours, knowing about the injury and its treatment is crucial. Leaving the matter unattended can lead to permanent damage.



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