5 Awesome Ways to Completely Revamp Your Home This Holiday Season

Over the holiday season, DIY and decorating are probably the farthest things from your mind. You are likely to be preoccupied with gift buying, preparation of Christmas dinner and drinking copious amounts of mulled wine.

Indeed, your home may require a touch up, but maybe it didn’t occur to you to do it over the festive period. With renovations and DIY it is easier to leave the work until the warmer months when the weather is kinder.

However there is no reason why you can’t do any internal DIY and decorating jobs over Christmas holidays. This might provide you with something to do on the days you aren’t preoccupied with Christmas preparations. This will also free up time in the Spring and Summer for you to get the important DIY, renovation or refurbishment jobs done.

5 Awesome Ways to Revamp Your Home This Holiday Season

Here are five top tips that you can use to help give your home a completely new look this holiday time:

1. Repaint

The impact and influence of a new paint job shouldn’t be underestimated. A brand new lick of paint can have an amazing effect on a room, and even on a property itself. If your rooms are looking a little tired and old then it might be time to think about revamping and restyling them.

You can easily add some character and personality to a room by giving it a new paint job and injecting some colour. Favouring brighter colours such as mahogany, cream, light blue or lemon will make the room appear brighter and larger.

2. Change Furnishings

You might decide that you want to go a step further and actually start rearranging some of the furnishings in your home. New curtains can certainly help as long as you make sure they blend in with the aesthetic of the room. You may even think about replacing your furniture, such as sofa and coffee table for a more modern, trendy look. This will ensure your home will have a fresh, new look when the new year comes rolling in.

3. Lighting

A change of lighting can make your home appear much brighter, fresher and more vivid. Get rid of you hanging light bulbs and shades and replace them with spotlights for a sleeker look.

These will also brighten the rooms considerably and make your home more inviting. New lighting will also fit in very well with the new paint job. You can use colours that you know will look good under bright lights.

4. En-Suite

If you are feeling particularly adventurous, you might be inclined to take on a more ambitious project over the holidays. You might decide that you want to add an en-suite bathroom to your master bedroom.

This is an exciting project to undertake and will completely transform the appeal and practicality of your home. En-suite’s are also a great future investment as they add considerable value to your home.

5. The Garden

This may not seem like an ideal tip for this time of year, but if you wanted to get really creative then you could do some work in the garden. Unlike books, homes are judged on appearance and the garden is one of the first things anyone will see.

Simple garden maintenance such as keeping the lawn trimmed, sweeping up leaves, trimming back hedges and planting flowers can make such a difference. Of course, you may decide to leave this part until the warmer weather arrives, but there is no reason you can’t start now.

What are some ways you revamp your home for the holiday season? 


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