4 Worrying Signs You’re Spending Too Much Time at Work

If you want to achieve anything worth achieving, you’re going to have to work very hard to do so. That’s a simple fact of life. Indeed, no one has ever managed to launch a successful career without working diligently along the way. Yet, it is possible to work too often –– to spend too much time at the office. Not only can this lead to physical and mental fatigue as well as burnout, but it can also rob you of once-in-a-lifetime experiences with friends and family. To wit, here are four signs you’re spending too much time working and not enough time living your best life:

Physical Ailments

Spending too much time at work can take a physical toll on your body. Indeed, working long hours can lead to aches and pains, worsened posture, and/or weight gain. In addition, professionals who are overly stressed may find it difficult to get adequate sleep, which is detrimental to both mental and physical well-being.


Workaholics spend a lot of their time alone. They’re regularly the first person in the office and the last to leave it. What’s more, their schedule often cuts into their social life, and they find it difficult to go out with friends. Still, even when workaholics do make it out to a social gathering, they tend to focus more on their phone or tablet than on the proceedings at hand. If this sounds familiar to you, then know that it’s time for a change.

Unusual Hours

People are not meant to work every day. Of course, sometimes dedicated pros have no choice but to stay late to finish a project or to meet with a client over the weekend. But if you’re regularly working beyond “normal” hours, then it’s important to speak with your supervisor about managing your workload better.

Missing Out

Some things are just bigger than work. You can’t put a price on spending time with your kids, and you’ll never have another chance to explore the world in your youth. As such, people should never lose sight of what matters most to them.


Believe it or not, it is possible to strike a healthy balance between your career and your personal life. Overworked professionals can delegate tasks to ease their responsibilities. It’s virtually impossible for a business owner to know everything there is to know about modern tech tools, for instance. So don’t be afraid to ask an employee to research what is a VoIP number or to look up how to download call tracking software. At the end of the day, life is too short not to live it to the fullest –– so take advantage of every opportunity to enjoy yourself and spend time with the people you care about most!



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