4 Ways to Master Cold Emails and Ensure a Successful Campaign

Almost every successful digital marketing campaign will result in the use of mass emailing. Still, no one wants to be labeled a ‘spammer.’ With low response rates being prevalent, people question the point of incorporating email marketing into their campaigns. But, sending mass emails can be highly successful and result in an incredible return on investment. Learn how to master cold email writing to make sure you receive replies, purchases, and positive feedback. 

4 Ways to Master Cold Email Writing for Your Next Campaign

  1. Prove Your Value

When mastering your cold email, you must prove your value to the reader. The best way to go about this is to show recipients what is in it for them. The whole point of building an email campaign is to pique the interest of your target audience instead of having them hit the unsubscribe button. To offer value to them, give the readers an exclusive deal like a percentage off their next purchase or a free demonstration of your product. Giving your recipients a discount or special offer will encourage them to take action and visit your website.

Research your target audience and find a significant pain point for them, then target this. For example, a mother is on Facebook complaining about how she wishes there was a better way to save leftovers than in plastic bags that are bad for the environment. If you are a business that sells environmentally friendly leftover containers, you will offer your product to this potential customer. If you can’t solve a problem like this, give the people what they want. Usually, what they want is a discount. 

  1. Build a Connection With Your Readers

In recent years, most people have turned to support companies that they believe are doing good for the world. The customers want to feel connected with the business instead of purchasing from a large corporation that does not relate to them. In your cold email, use this message to open up. Building the connection could mean a start-up story about the company, a short section diving deeper into who the CEO is, or highlighting the company’s values. Creating this connection will not only encourage people to buy from you, but it will build advocates. If people feel passionate about your brand, they will feel happy to tell their friends and family about what you are doing.

  1. Write the Message Specifically for the Recipient

One of the essential parts of writing a successful cold email is making sure you send it to the right people. You must perform extensive research on who your target audience is, where they are located, and what they want to see. If you don’t send the email to the correct recipients, there is little chance of a sales boom. When you’ve found the right people, you now have to replicate a voice that they will listen to and trust. There are certain times when using specific slang and jokes will work, but there are other times when they can be a total flop. 

Mimic their language and be mindful about your voice. For example, if you are using a more joking and funny tone, you have to be sure that your jokes can be delivered while reading them. It’s easier for a joke to be taken out of context or interpreted wrong when it is written out instead of being delivered in person. Always reread and confirm that all of your messages are written specifically for your audience. 

  1. Include a Simple Call to Action

In every email, and especially a cold email, there must be a call to action that is clear and easy to understand. The call to action is where you tell the reader precisely what you want them to do. For example, the call to action could be encouraging them to make a purchase, refer a friend, subscribe to your emails, or reply with feedback. It can be challenging to make sure you don’t sound too pushy and demanding, but you want to remain confident and assertive. The easiest way to make the call to action smooth is to have the information readily available. For example, if you want them to make a purchase, have a button they can click to go to your website. Or, if you want them to follow your company on social media, include the links to your social media profiles right there on the email.

To master cold email writing, it’ll take time and practice. First, research what works best for your industry and work with your marketing team to develop a full-proof email marketing plan. Then, when you design your email campaign, make sure you are using a mass email service to send hundreds of emails with the click of a button. You will also have the analytics for your campaign to study and use to tweak your future campaigns.




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