4 Ways To Customize Your Beach Cruiser

The stylish look of your bike is obviously one of the things that interest you about the bike. Needless to say, you can visit the market, glance at all the available customized beach cruisers and ultimately pick up the one that suits your taste.

However at a later time, you could be bored by the fact that your cruiser bike is still wearing its natural look. Perhaps, no innovation whatsoever; the dark-colored spokes are still there and the old-looking grips, hoods, etc., don’t seem captivating. In an instance like this, you might not need getting a new bike. By checking out a few guides to customize your old-looking cruiser bike, you could restore beauty to that bike and make it seem new again. If you are a woman, you may want to have one of these cruiser bikes women’s.

Finally, here are the 4 great ways you can customize your dull-looking beach cruiser and bring its elegance back to life.

Enhance the Look of Your Bike’s Bell

The look of your bike’s bell can tell a lot about the bike. To add more character to your bike’s bell, you could paint it using a blend of lovely colors like pink, purple, yellow and sky blue. If you’ve got some drawing skills, you could combine those colors suitably and draw just about anything. The drawing can portray a cartoon, a multi-colored animal or any other artistic thing you can think of. To keep the paint alive and intact, you could coat with some lacquer.

If you’re painting the bell with multiple colors and you don’t want the colors to splash about awkwardly, using a masking tape would make lots of sense. While painting one side of the bell, cover the other sides with the masking tape. Lovingly, this gives a multi-patterned design to the bell of your cruiser bike.

Get Colorful Hoods and Grips

Black grips, handlebars and hoods can be quite dreary to the sight especially when the color is plain black without stripes of any other color. If you crave a stunning customization for your beach cruiser, you could try spicing it up with colorful covers, hoods and grips. You shouldn’t have any problem getting your desired fun color since the market offers a wide variety of colors. Interestingly, you might not need any technical support to fit these bright-colored hoods, grips and the likes to your bike. Just ensure you have an interesting blend of fun colors that will brighten up your bike.

Beautify the Stem Cap

You can invent something amazingly unique in almost every part of your cruiser bike. The stem cap might not be one of the areas you observe often but giving it an exceptional change can improve the entire look of your bike.

Perhaps, you’d like the stem cap of your beach cruiser to reflect something reasonable and as such, you could consider getting one of the nicely-patterned stem caps out there. Interestingly, some stem caps have beautiful pictorial illustrations of mountains, pets, inspiring words, oceans, etc.

Add Elegance to the Spokes

If the color of the bike’s spokes doesn’t naturally appeal to your taste, chances are that you’d want to try an alternative that pleases you. Perhaps, the default silver or black spokes of your bike aren’t eye-catching enough and you just feel changing them would make a good impression.

Of course, you can replace the spokes with new ones designed with a soothing mixture of different colors like yellow, red, blue and white. But if you can’t afford changing the spokes, you still have the option to paint them with your favorite colors.


No matter how gorgeous your cruiser bike looks, you need to ensure you have all the cruiser bike accessories to make your ride on the beach comfortable, safe and enjoyable. But having a customized bike can make a big difference as it will look completely different from all other bikes on the beach.



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