4 Reasons to Have Clean Air in the Home for Children

Parenting is never easy. You want to act responsibly. Part of the job is to make sure that you never jeopardize the safety or health of your children. Unfortunately, even the air that your kids breathe can cause problems. Here are four reasons to have clean air in the home for children.

Mold Causes Health Issues

One of the problems with protecting your children is that you can’t know everything. Some dangers in your home aren’t ones that you may realize. For example, moisture in your house can lead to the creation and growth of mold. When mold spreads, it can have a huge impact on the health of your children.

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According to WebMD, infants and children are especially vulnerable to mold issues. If they breathe in spores, they could develop health problems ranging from irritating to serious. If your kids have asthma, mold could lead to a dangerous attack that could leave your child incapable of breathing. You should take mold very seriously.

Dust Causes Sinus Problems

How often do you dust your home? GQ suggests that you should dust every two months. If you don’t even know where your dustpan is, that’s a sign that you have room for improvement. Dust particles spread at an alarming rate. When you get enough of them in your lungs, you could have a reaction. You’ll also experience an increase in mucus.

As an adult, you can handle these irritants. You probably consider them minor. For your kids, the situation is different. Children who inhale excessive dust are more likely to develop health problems. Your best bet is to have an HVAC professional clean out your ducts and vents. These are the areas where dust will accumulate the most. If you don’t do something, you’re risking your children’s future.

Air Pollutants Cause Lung Issues

For concerned parents, one of the scariest research studies involves air pollutants. Research suggests that ambient air pollutants can have a devastating impact on children. In extreme situations, these pollutants can slow or even stop the growth of a child’s lungs.

When that happens, kids are likely to suffer lingering health defects for the rest of their lives. They could have heart problems, chronic respiratory issues, and even shortages of oxygen to the brain. The situation is so serious that you should buy masks for your kids to wear in the house at times when you know the air isn’t clean. It sounds extreme, but the danger from air pollution is that serious.

Good Breathing Has Health Benefits

When you have clean air, you do more than avoid potential dangers. You also improve your child’s health. Breathing clean air has several health benefits. Your child will have a lower and more consistent heart rate. The kid will also have better blood pressure and solid blood oxygen levels.

The positive impact of these health benefits is that your child will think more clearly. The kid will also have less stress, better circulations, and a faster metabolism. Simply stated, clean air can make your child feel healthier and smarter.

Clearly, the quality of your air has a huge impact on your children. You should think about ways that you can improve your airflow to reduce air pollution.




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