4 New Year’s Resolutions That Will Empower You

Well, here we are again, staring down the barrel of another new year and the endless possibilities of which resolutions you will fail at once again. That’s what history says anyway. Just think about last year for a second:

  • You successfully joined the gym but you only went twice, which made it the most expensive membership ever.
  • You cut sweets out of your diet in order to be healthier, but you chocolate obsession grew as a result.
  • And you promised to procrastinate less, which lasted two-minutes because your 2017 was made up of memes.

But what if it was different this year? What if this year you were driven to success by the hope of empowering yourself in 2018. Forget the fads and the generics and the “I forgot to give this any real thought so here I am trying to lose weight” ideas and focus on the kind of resolutions that will inspire you and lift you and make you feel awesome, much like these:

1. Look Back With Pride

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The go-to resolution-making strategy is to look back on the year that’s just ended and focus on the bits you feel guilty about. That’s the worst way to do things. You’re starting off by looking at your failures. So, this year, focus on the things you are proud of. Let your successes empower and inspire you.

2. Have One Giant Goal

We all have something we want to do; something we have spent the majority of last year muttering about not doing. It could be starting that book you wanted to write or it could be staying focused on your dreams or it could be learning a new language. Whatever it is, do it. Sign up for that creative writing course, invest in those Joe Vitale laws of attraction kits, join an evening class at your local learning centre. Make this is the year you get your big dreams underway.

3. Take On The 50-Minute Rule

For those that don’t know, the fifty-minute rule is where you stay off your phone for the first and last fifty-minutes of every day. That means not looking at it the moment you wake up and not staring at it when you get into bed. The whole point of this challenge is to address the addiction people have, allowing them to get better sleep and wake up in a happier mood each day. Swap your phone use for something else, like yoga or reading a book or writing a journal.

4. Do Something Every Month

What better way is there to get through the year that to start and finish something amazing each month. To actual commit to something for thirty days and succeed. It could be something like finishing a book on the read-before-you-die list, or it could be painting a picture every month for a year, or seeing a new part of your home country. Whatever it is, have twelve things lined up for 2018. You’ll be amazed at how amazing it feels to accomplish something so often.




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