3 Ways of Saving Money on Your Electric Bill

One of the most startling things I encountered when I rented my first apartment was the electric bill. I know that sounds silly, but I had no idea how expensive electric bills could be! Even now, years later, sometimes I’m shocked at how high electric bills can get if you don’t pay attention. I’m going to share 3 of my tips to end up with a cheaper bill at the end of the month, I’ve found success with them an I hope you will too.

The easiest thing to do in your home to save money on your electricity bill is to switch out your light bulbs. Rather than using incandescent bulbs, which are often the cheapest bulbs, you can buy CFL bulbs instead. While CFL bulbs are more expensive than incandescent bulbs, they last a lot longer and use much less electricity than other bulbs.

If you’re planning on purchasing new appliances, make sure you try your best to find Energy Star ones. If you see the Energy Star label on anything, that means that the appliance is energy efficient and meets the standards of Energy Star.

Turn off any electronics you’re not using, and you’ll notice a drop in your electricity bill. One way of doing this quickly and efficiently is by investing in a power strip. If you plug things into your power strips, just turn the strip off to make sure that any electric vampires don’t suck up any electricity.

Invest in an electric water heater timer, especially if you only use hot water at certain times of the day. Most people only need hot water early in the morning or in the evening when they take showers—if you’re like this, then a water heater timer will make sure that water only heats up at specific times, so you’re not constantly wasting energy on reheating water that you don’t need.




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